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Vintage Thimbles for Musical Washboards
Hard-to-find vintage thimbles for washboard musicians—and folks who sew
Examine our collection of vintage Aluminum thimbles that deliver the tone you need to make your washboard stand up and take notice.

How Many Thimbles do you Need?
The number of thimbles you need for each hand is a personal preference. Some players prefer just 2 thimbles (index and middle fingers). Most players use 3 thimbles (index, middle and ring fingers). Some add a 4th thimble to their pinky. And some add a large 5th thimble (typically 18 mm to 20 mm) to their thumb. You can achieve greater musical color with more thimbles than less. But the optimum number of thimbles depends on the musical genre, type of thimble (wood, plastic, metal, horn), your personal playing style, and ultimately—what works best for you.

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Vintage Aluminum thimble Thimble, Vintage Aluminum

Excellent for all washboards. Best for brass, glass, tin, and zinc rub surface.