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Minstrel Style Bones
Authentic instruments for re-enactors and living history performers
Perfect for Minstrel Era and Civil War gigs.

oval ends Ebony was the wood of choice for Mister Bones on the professional minstrel stage. Rosewood was prominent too. (You could buy a set of four 7" ebony bones for thirty-five cents in the 1897 Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog. Rosewood cost twenty.) But domestic woods were also popular, especially among folks who made their own instruments. "I have two pairs of walnut and oak bones carved and played by my great, great-grandfather during the Civil War," says four-time Grammy Award winner (and life-long bones player), David Holt.

Minstrel-style bones follow the standard 28 degree arc, and measure around 1" wide, by 3/8" thick, by 7" long.

Minstrel-style bones are characterized
by their oval ends