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Musical Bones Resources
Check out these intriguing resources for bone players

Learning to play the bones takes practice, practice, and more practice. But anyone can do it.

It's really no different than learning to play any other musical instrument. The best way to learn of course, is to get together with a bone player who can show you the basics. My own playing really took off after observing all the many different playing styles at the annual Bones Fest.

Since bone players are so few and far between, how-to videos are the next best way to learn. And videos are great because you can play them over and over and over again.

How To Play the Bones...
This comprehensive playlist features the best collection of "how-to" videos you will find on YouTube. Get basic instruction plus tips, tricks, demos, and bones history from skilled players including Graham Hargrove, Vash, Dom Flemons, Hillar Bergman, James Yoshizawa, Barry Patton, and others. The ultimate "how to play the bones" playlist.
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You can learn a specialized "percussive style" way to rattle the bones by taking the FREE Fred Edmunds Percussive Style Bones Playing Course at the Rhythm Bones Society (RBS) website.

If you find other good how-to videos, please let me know. And be sure to check out the commercially produced videos plus other helpful info an how to select and play musical bones at the shop's FAQs page.

All-Ireland Bones Playing Championship (Ireland)
Fleadh by the Feal

National Old Time Country & Bluegrass Festival & Contest (USA)

Discussion Sites
Bodhrán (Facebook)
Jugband (Yahoo Groups)
Rhythm Bones Society (Facebook)
Rhythm Bones (Yahoo Groups)

Info Sites
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Rhythm Bones Society
Drumdojo: The Bones
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Best How to Play the Spoons Tutorial Videos (YouTube playlist)
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Learn the Washboard (Max Dunlop)
Jazz up your washboard
Washboard (Wikipedia)
The Washboard Player Appreciation Society (Facebook)

RattleBrainEd (Steve Litsios)

Radio Documentary
Peadar Mercier: First professional bodhrán and bones player
Narrated by Mel Mercier

Rhythm Bones Society Rhythm Bones Society
The Rhythm Bones Society (RBS) is a fun, educational, and scholarly non-profit group that does not take itself too seriously. They do, however, take their passion for rhythm bones seriously and welcome members of all skill levels, ages, and nationalities. Last time we checked, membership was $20/yr.

Each year RBS holds an annual Bones Fest. The event features jam sessions, workshops, a bones marketplace and a public stage show featuring some of the world's best players. Bones Fest is also a real hoot. You will love it no matter if you are a rank beginner or seasoned pro. It's like a family reunion where nearly everyone just happens to play the bones.
Rhythm Bones Forum (Yahoo Groups)