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Tigerwood is a rare exotic heavy dense wood that delivers a solid sharp tone.

The heartwood is a bronze color highlighted by dark variegated streaks. The tiger-like grain is typically interlocked, but sometimes straight. Quartersawn wood produces an attractive ribbon pattern in the grain with alternating zones of dark and light wood figuring. The grain is certainly intriguing. But it also makes for a rough surface. Still, players clearly like the solid tone and weight.

Bone Rattling Facts
Tigerwood Bones are typically quite hard and dense. Most of our pairs seemed quite heavy. So we think the specific gravity and density data below is too low. None of the charts we found rated tigerwood with a specific gravity greater than 1.0. Just to find out for ourselves, we tossed a handful of bones into a tub of water to see what happens. The results were enlightening.

Test Results
Bones with a predominance of dark grain sink. Bones with a predominance of light grain float. So the weight, specific gravity, density, and hardness of your pair might be significantly more (or less) than our technical specs depending on the ratio of dark v light grain.

Figures below are approximate (but pretty darn close)

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