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Thimbles for Washboard Musicians—and folks who sew
Large selection of hard-to-find styles and sizes
Examine our extensive collection of Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Horn, Wood, Plastic and Vintage thimbles that deliver the tone you need to make your washboard stand up and take notice.

World's Largest Selection of Thimble Styles and Sizes (Really? Yes, pretty much.)

At first glance this page might not look like much. But you are viewing what might represent the most comprehensive selection of thimbles and sizes available to the public. Most shops offer thimble styles in just small, medium, and large. We currently offer you a well organized selection of over fifteen thimble styles in various sizes.

Easy-to-Find Styles and Sizes
You might stumble across shops that offer a broader selection of styles than our little store. But more often than not they're merely thimble "farms" showing a scattering of random thimble styles and sizes with little or no information about the products. So finding the kind of thimble you need in the right size at those shops is rather hit or miss.

Which Thimble is Best for You?
The thimbles in our shop are carefully organized to make them easy to find. And we strive to provide the information you need to make an informed buying choice. Just scroll down to examine our collection of thimbles neatly arranged by category.

Rhythm Patch Thimbles
The shop offers eleven Rhythm Patch thimble styles ranging in size from 13 to 20 mm. Yes, we said ten styles of thimbles, each in nine sizes. That's big news for anyone looking for sewing thimbles that fit. Below are all eleven Rhythm Patch styles.

How Many Thimbles do you Need?
The number of thimbles you need for each hand is a personal preference. Most players use 3 thimbles (index, middle and ring fingers). Others add a 4th thimble to their pinky. Many prefer just 2 thimbles (index and middle fingers). Some players use just one thimble (typically index or middle finger). However, many players use 4 thimbles on their fingers, plus a large 5th thimble (typically 18 mm to 20 mm) on their thumb for a "full-house" of 5 thimbles. You can achieve greater musical color with more thimbles than less. But the optimum number of thimbles depends on the musical genre, type of thimble (wood, plastic, metal, horn), your personal playing style, and ultimately—what works best for you.

What is Your Thimble Size?
Download FREE Paper Thimble Gauge

In a Rush? Find Thimble Size Instantly.
Here's How:
1. Measure finger circumference
2. Find thimble size
63/20 61/20 59.5/19 58/19 56.5/18 54/17 52/17 50/16 47/15 46/15 44/14 43/14 41/13 40/13 36/12 33/11

If your finger measures 50 mm, then thimble size is 16 mm (50/16).