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Ephemeral items and memorabilia
Welcome to our growing collection of extremely hard-to-find vintage products. The items were only produced for a very short time so they are quite scarce.
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Scott's Personal Collection From Scott's Personal Collection

Pick a Pair or Two From My Personal Collection. [Photo: Actual Product]

The Bone Player, Sterling Silver Medallion The Bone Player, Vintage Sterling Silver Medallion

Inspired by William Sidney Mount's legendary 1856 painting.

Only $79.97
1 in stock!
Yes Sir, Mr. Bones! Movie Poster Vintage "Yes Sir, Mr. Bones!" Movie Poster

Large movie poster of film featuring legendary bones player Freeman "Brother Bones" Davis.

Only $199.97
2 in stock!
Vintage Mr. Bones items bought and sold
Do you have old "Mr. Bones" paraphernalia, accoutrements or appurtenances sitting around the house collecting dust? Immediate cash paid for vintage minstrel items.