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Pail-Size Washboards
Small pail-size washboards are light-weight and easy to haul around
Multi-Grammy Award winner and folkroots legend, David Holt insists, "The size of the washboard does not improve the sound." So your small pail-size washboard is no second-class citizen. It's a fine musical instrument in its own right. In fact, more of our customers buy these little guys than their larger family-size cousins. They're sturdy little buggers too. The main advantage is these compact instruments are a lot easier to store in your backpack or car trunk—and they don't weigh you down.

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Genuine Brass King #803 made by the National Washboard Company Brass King #803 Lingerie Washboard, better

Genuine Brass King #803 Pail-Size Washboard (extemely rare item)

Our Price: $249.99 each
1 in stock!

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