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Brand New Washboards with Various Rubbing Surfaces
Washboards you can break-in yourself.
Featuring our growing collection of washboards made by the Columbus Washboard Company...the sole remaining washboard manufacturer in the United States.

Quality Handmade Musical Washboards
These sturdy washboards are the real deal. They're assembled one-at-a-time by hand at the Columbus Washboard Company with equipment dating back to the early 1900s.

Beware of Mystery Metal
The Columbus Washboard Company manufactures washboards with rub surfaces made from various kinds of metals and patterns (such as stainless steel, galvanized, brass, spiral, wavy, lacy). Many retailers offer cheap prices on Columbus washboards with a metal rub surface made from who-knows-what. Everyone wants a good deal. But why buy a washboard made with a rubbing surface that is anyone's guess? It might cost a little more, but if getting a washboard that makes you look and sound the best on stage is important to you, then make sure you order from a supplier who specifies what the rubbing surface is made from.

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