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Family-size Washboard Rubbing Surface
Large Rub Surface Generates Powerful Tone, Lets You Mount More Accessory Items
If you're looking for space to adorn your washboard with accessories, then large family-sized washboards are for you.

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Brass (Family-sized) Glass (Family-sized) (Coming Soon) Stainless Steel (Family-sized)
Soft-tone light-weight rub surface great for old-time & traditional music. Sometimes tarnish or green corrosion, but no rust. more info
Bright sharp-toned rub surface versatile for all traditional genres. Surprisingly tough glass doesn't corrode or rust. more info
Loud rub surface best for zydeco and the wild side. Tough hard heavy metal won't rust. more info
Zinc (Family-sized)
Soft-tone light-weight rub surface prized for old-time & traditional music. Sometimes "soapy" white corrosion or spots, but no rust. more info