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Give Your Old Bones a Good Home
Get cash for old stuff only a bone player could love

Do you have a set of old musical bones sitting around the house collecting dust? If so, then this is your chance to get immediate cash for giving them a good home.

Vintage Items
The Bone Dry Musical Instrument Co. will pay you immediate cash for vintage musical bones, musical bone recordings, and other antique items of interest to bone players. If it says Ted Goon, Freeman 'Brother Bones' Davis, or Ted Duckett on it, then let's take a look. And while you are hunting around, don't forget to check
the barn loft for minstrel era items such as playbills, newspaper clippings, or paraphernalia that has anything to do with "Mr. Bones."

Heritage Collection
Do you know the pedigree of that old set of musical bones buried in granny's cedar chest up in the attic? Did the bones belong to your Grandpa Caleb or Great Uncle Max? If you can cite a few facts and tell a tale or two about those bones, then you should know about the Heritage Collection.

The Heritage Collection is a modest attempt to preserve the history of your ancestor's musical bones for future generations of bone players and researchers. No, this is not a museum or scholarly institution. But the Heritage Collection will offer your vintage instruments for sale to our customers who genuinely appreciate the significance of these historical artifacts.

The history of musical bones and bone players is fascinating. But virtually no antique musical bones exist today that document where they were made or who actually owned and played them. Sadly, this valuable knowledge is routinely lost to posterity. But it does not have to be that way. You can preserve the musical legacy of your dear old bone rattlin' great grand dad for many years to come.

How do you get that vintage set of bones into the Heritage Collection? All you have to do is jot down a few biographical facts or anecdotes and maybe send a photo or other documents that tell the story of your family member's musical bone playing experience. You barely know anything about your old grand dad playing the bones? No problem, just pass along what you do know. Any factual notes, no matter how trivial, will be carefully studied with integrity by our customers who are among the most serious musical bone enthusiasts on the planet. You might even sleep better at night knowing your treasured family heirloom is safely in the expert caring hands of a dedicated practitioner of this ancient musical art.

A Good Home For Old Musical Bones
There is simply no better home for a dear old set of musical bones than with our customers. They include museums, academic researchers, living history interpreters, and the world's most virtuoso and award-winning players - with a gift for making those marvelous musical instruments come alive again.

Get Price Quote
So if you are thinking about selling that wonderful old set of musical bones and you want a great home for them too, or if you just like the idea of keeping the historical connection between your ancestors and those vintage instruments intact for many years to come, then contact me right now with details about your items and I will send you an immediate price quote.

All the best,

Bone Dry Musical Instrument Co.

Scott C. Miller, Prop.