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Whamdiddle African Blackwood Bones, Unfinished

Whamdiddle Unfinished African Blackwood Bones
Do-it-yourself Whamdiddle bones.

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whamdiddle pamphlet
  • FREE illustrated instruction pamphlet packed with each shipment: If you want more pamphlets (for example, 3 pamphlets or no pamphlets), then just enter "3 pamphlets" or "0 pamphlets" in the Order Comments text box during checkout (step #4).
  • Handcrafted Product: No two are exactly alike.
  • Thickness and length of each bone might differ slightly.
  • Style pictured: Traditional 7-1/2" (reg width).
  • Your item may vary from photos.

  • Here's what you get: One pair of unfinished bones; three sandpaper sheets; simple finishing instructions; pamphlet if you want one.

    Welcome to the only store on the planet where you can get Whamdiddle bones in 3 lengths and widths.

    Whamdiddle Length
    Short: 7" (18cm)
    Traditional: 7-1/2" (19cm)
    Classic Long: 8" (20cm)

    Whamdiddle Width
    Narrow: 7/8" to 1" (22mm to 25mm)
    Regular: 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" (29mm to 32mm)
    Wide: 1-5/16" to 1-3/8" (33mm to 35mm)

    Narrow Whamdiddle bones are usually around 1" (25mm) in width. Some pairs measure as little as 7/8" (22mm) wide. These bones are perfect for smaller hands or players who prefer narrow instruments.

    Regular Whamdiddle bones are around 1-1/8" (29mm) in width. Some pairs measure as much as 1-1/4" (32mm) wide. They are great for most hand sizes.

    Wide Whamdiddle bones are 1-5/16" (33mm) in width and up. They feel quite bulky and are usually available by special order only.

    Unfinished Whamdiddle African Blackwood Bones
    Fun do-it-yourself project - just sand and rattle away!

    Save 8 Bucks off the Price of Finished Bones!
    These unfinished bones are manufactured from rare exotic African Blackwood Bones hardwood by Rick Fogel, a master luthier with a graduate degree in Physics. His finished African Blackwood bones sell for $43.97. So finish them yourself and save eight bucks.

    Finishing Instructions
    1. Sand with medium sandpaper (100 grit).
    2. Sand with fine sandpaper (150 grit).
    3. Sand with very-fine sandpaper (220 grit). (Rick scrapes them smooth in step 3 with a very sharp hunting knife instead).

    4. Your bones are now ready to play. If you want a durable protective finish, then follow additional steps below.

    5. Rub with commercial woodworking oil or paste wax such as Minwax, carnauba wax, beeswax, shellac, butcherblock oil, or other vegetable-based wood preparation. Follow manufacturer's directions or ask your local woodworking store for advice. Rick rubs Whamdiddle bones with marine spar varnish, lets them dry, and calls them done.
    6. If desired, buff for high gloss finish. Use soft rag or buffing wheel with tripoli polishing compound.
    Look what you get:
    insructions w/sandpaper
    • One pair of unfinished Whamdiddle bones
    • Three 2" x 5" sheets of sandpaper (medium, fine and very-fine).
    • Simple finishing instructions
    Finishing wax, oil, varnish or other surface preparations not included.

    African Blackwood is a dark heavy rare exotic rosewood favored by many wind instrument makers over ebony. The tree is native to Africa and delivers a strong powerful tone.

    Like ebony, blackwood is quite hard and extremely dense and quickly dulls saw blades. Its oily nature and high tolerance to climate changes make blackwood a good instrument wood for bone players and all musicians. African blackwood grows throughout central Africa. The tree is also reported to grow in western India. Since the reported specific gravity is 1.0 (same as water) I tossed a pair into a bucket of water, and sure enough, they sank.

    Figures below are approximate (but pretty darn close)

    Whamdiddle Styles

    Item# Item Name Only Qty Add
    110-39-CLR-U Whamdiddle African Blackwood Bones, Classic Long: 8" (reg width), Unfinished
    (Out of Stock)
    110-39-TR-U Whamdiddle African Blackwood Bones, Traditional: 7-1/2" (reg width), Unfinished
    (Out of Stock)
    Check the items you wish to purchase, then click

    • Solid African Blackwood Hardwood: Excellent for musical bones.
    • Proven Shape: Designed by master luthier.
    • Quarter-sawn Lumber: Creates stable tone, won't warp or crack.
    • Includes Playing Instructions: Shows how to hold and play bones.
    • Unfinished Pre-cut, Rough Sanded Hardwood: Fun & easy do-it-yourself project.
    • Includes Sandpaper: Saves you a trip to the hardware store.

    Technical Specs:
    Figures are approximate (but pretty darn close)--
    • Length: Short, 7" (18cm)
    • Length: Traditional, 7-1/2" (19cm)
    • Length: Classic Long, 8" (20cm)
    • Width: Narrow, less than 1-1/16" (27mm), min 7/8" (22mm)
    • Width: Regular, 1-1/16" to 1-1/4" (27mm to 32mm)
    • Width: Wide, more than 1-1/4" (32m), max 1-3/8" (35mm)
    • Thickness: Thin, 1/4" (6.5mm)
    • Thickness: Regular, 3/8" (9.5mm)
    • Composition: Rare Exotic African Blackwood hardwood
    • Camber (arc): 28 degrees
    • Weight: 3.9 to 4.0 oz
    • Color: Almost Black (French Roast Coffee)
    • Specific Gravity: 1.0+ ( Strongest Tone)
    • Density: 78 pcf (Stronger Tone)
    • Hardness: 1720 Janka (Mid Tone)
    • Sandpaper: Medium (100), Fine (150) and Very-fine (220)

    The Inside Story...:
    Handcrafted By a Master Luthier with a Graduate Degree in Physics

    Whamdiddle bones are magnificent instruments. They are handcrafted from domestic and exotic hardwoods by Rick Fogel. Rick is a master luthier in Seattle, Washington who holds a master of science degree in Physics. This winning combination of top-grade material, brilliant artistry, and scientific expertise explains why Whamdiddle sound as good as they look.

    Great Looks, Solid Design, Superior Tone
    Take a close look at the marvelous color and fascinating wood grain of Whamdiddle bones. The standard design is less oval than minstrel style bones. The shape fits especially comfortable in your hands. But the first thing you notice when you grab a pair is their substantial heft. Even the lightweight bones feel full in your grip. Best of all, Whamdiddle bones deliver a rich full range of tones when you rattle them.

    Whamdiddle Thin Bones
    These are thinner than standard Whamdiddle bones and they have a flat face. The thin flat-face design enables you to produce a remarkable dynamic tonal range.

    Crafted From Quartersawn Lumber, the Prime Working Stock for
    Quality Musical Instruments
    Why do Whamdiddle bones reveal spectacular grain patterns, warp less, and generate better tone? "Because," Rick explains, "they are made from quartersawn lumber."

    Rick described the technique to me but it is a bit complex. So I looked up the term in a technical report from the U.S. Forest Service. They indeed confirm that quartersawn lumber "shrinks and swells less...splits less...and figure patterns and wavy grain are brought out more conspicuously." Another source reports that quartersawn wood "helps prevent warping and also provides the best vibration patterns acoustically." And yet another source tells us "quartersawn wood helps ensure that an instrument's sound remains as invariable as possible."

    So yes, musical bones made from quartersawn lumber are decidedly prime quality instruments. But the ultimate test, of course, is to try them yourself.

    Largest Selection of Whamdiddle Bones on the Internet
    ...plus those Famous Laminated Bones!

    On this website is the largest selection of Whamdiddle bones on the internet. No other store offers you a larger choice of Whamdiddle bones that you can view and purchase by simply clicking a button.

    Please note that each carefully matched pair is expertly hand-crafted, but no two pairs are exactly alike. (i.e. Some pairs might vary slightly from another in width and thickness.)

    Where does Rick find the exotic, rare, and domestic species of wood for these gorgeous bones? "It's scrap wood left over from the dulcimers I make," he says. So if you see something you really like, get it now. Because when a species of Whamdiddle bones get sold out, they might be gone forever.

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