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Whamdiddle Bones w/Custom Inlaid Text

Whamdiddle Bones with Custom Inlaid Text
Bones with a custom message.

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whamdiddle pamphlet
  • Includes FREE illustrated instruction pamphlet.
  • Handcrafted Bones with Custom Inlaid Text: Your item will differ from photos.
Special Notes:
  • Ships directly to you from factory.
  • Payment must be received before inlay work begins.
  • Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.
Prices for exotic woods are currently unstable. Some prices have skyrocketed. If Rick is out of stock and the cost has gone up, then I will contact you to see if you want to pay the higher cost, change to a different wood or cancel.

Please contact me for help.

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Basis Price Only $17.97 pair

Product Code: 110-TEXT

1. Select Wood:

2. Enter Text:

Bone #1
Enter text above. (CAPS only, max 7 characters & spaces. These characters - : ' " , . are freebies and don't count towards the total.) Enter text for bone #2 below.

Bone #2
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3. Count the Characters:

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4. Confirm Order Details:

I understand estimated delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

I confirm spelling is correct for each bone.

I understand order cannot be modified or cancelled after inlay work begins.

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Description Technical Specs The Inside Story...
Whamdiddle Bones with Your Own Custom Inlaid Text
Inlaid by hand with mystical chrysocolla dust

Now you can personalize your bones with a custom message, your name, nickname or just your initials.

Specify Up To Seven Letters On Each Bone
You can get up to seven letters of custom text hand carved and inlaid on each bone by master luthier Rick Fogel.

The technique is the same process Rick uses for the "Fern with Berries" signature image seen on his Whamdiddle dulcimers. The method is known as kerbschnitzen, which is Swiss for engraving carving. Fine woodcrafters call the technique "chip carving." Rick takes chip carving one step further by inlaying the design with chrysocolla, a hard bright blue turquoise-like mineral (with abundant healing and spiritual energies according to Emily Gems of Springfield, Ohio).

Choose from Eleven Specially Selected Woods
Not every wood is a good candidate for handcarved inlay work. Some woods are too stringy. Some are too soft. Some have troublesome textures. Your custom text is inlaid on special woods Rick selected because take well to the inlay process.

Custom Hand Carved Inlays at a Bargain Price
The cost is just $4 per letter (minimum $20) plus the price of the bones. Other woodcarvers charge fifteen dollars or more per letter. But you pay only $4 per letter for these custom chip carved chrysocolla inlaid heirloom-quality musical instruments.

Makes a Great Gift!
Here are a few ideas--
  • Embellish the name of your favorite bone player on his or her favorite wood
  • Give a set of his and hers bones to your favorite bone playing couple
  • Treat yourself to a pair of bones emblazed with your own initials
  • Personalize a pair of bones with special inspirational words
You simply won't find anything else that can warm the heart of your favorite bone player like these distinctive musical instruments.

What is Chrysocolla?
Chrysocolla occurs in the oxidized zone of copper deposits, mainly in arid climates. The mineral appears widely in the Southwest U.S.

According to Wikipedia, "the name comes from the Greek chrysos, 'gold,' and kolla, 'glue,' in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold." The term "was first used by Theophrastus in 315 BCE."

How the Inlay is Made
To create the inlay, Rick first grinds small nuggets of chrysocolla into powder using a "hammel." Next, he mixes the pulverized mineral with epoxy to form a flowable medium. Then he fills the chip carving with the chrysocolla and epoxy compound.

After the inlay hardens, the instrument surface is belt-sanded with 120 grit sandpaper. But he is not done yet. Rick carefully re-sands the surface by hand (also using 120 grit sandpaper) to eliminate any minor imperfections or blemishes. Then he inspects the surface closely. If the surface passes muster he creates a fine-quality old-world finish by placing the bones under a bright light and scraping the instrument surface the traditional way - by hand, using a "really sharp" hunting knife. Finally, Rick rubs marine spar varnish into the wood which protects your inlaid instruments from moisture and sunlight. That's all there is to it.

Whamdiddle Collection
  • Domestic and Exotic Hardwoods: Largest selection on the Web.
  • Durable Material: Choose from solid hardwoods.
  • Practical Design: Handcrafted by a master luthier.
  • Quarter-sawn Lumber: Creates stable tone, won't warp or crack.
  • Includes Instructions: Shows how to hold and play bones.
  • Hand Rubbed Finish: Non-slip easy grip.

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