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Kingwood is a hard and heavy extremely rare exotic wood from Mexico that delivers a strong sharp tone.

Kingwood is a beautiful true rosewood rich with vivid color. It is related to Brazilian Kingwood. Although related to Brazilian Kingwood, the colors in Kingwood are more intense and the grain is greatly demarcated. This rare dense wood is milled from extraordinarily small logs. No two boards are alike.

Bone Rattling Facts
The tone is close to Brazilian rosewood. Kingwood is a small twisted tree with timber generally available in 1" lumber or small turning squares, which is often too small even for bones. It is very difficult to obtain large solid pieces.

Cool Facts
  • The genus Dalbergia represents a large division of small to medium-size trees, shrubs and lianas in the pea family.
  • The name "kingwood" originated during the French Revolution when French kings favored this wood for royal furniture.
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Kingwood Facts
Scientific Name
Dalbergia congestiflora

Other Names

Para Kingwood

Lookalike Woods
Brazilian Kingwood
Goncalo alves
Violet wood

The intriguing grain can be striped and also figured. It is often irregular yet straight.

The texture varies from very fine to medium. The wood is relatively oily and polishes remarkably smooth.


Heartwood Color
Violet-brown with black veining (Chocolate Tiger Stripe)
Heartwood is dark red to vivid purple contrasting against light and dark stripes. This extremely rare true rosewood reportedly holds its purple color better than any other rosewoods.

Sapwood Color
Sharply demarcated creamy-white color.

Pleasant, sweet smell.

Contains dalbergione which can irritate the eyes and skin in some people.

Kingwood wood is difficult to work. But it is easy to cut and turn, and the wood takes an incredible glass-like polish.

Environmental Profile
Kingwood is logged in an environmentally friendly manner by locals who selectively harvest the trees hauled from the forest by burros.

Kingwood grows in the Sierra Madre mountains on the Pacific Coast of southern Mexico.

Tree Data
Kingwood is a low, slender and often twisted and crooked tree that seldom grows more than 20 feet (6 m) tall.