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Heritage Collection
Bones with a History
The history of musical bones and bone players is rather fascinating. But virtually no antique musical bones exist which document where they were made or who actually owned and played them. Sadly, this valuable knowledge is routinely lost to posterity.

The items in the Heritage Collection offer you biographical facts, stories, documents, or photos about the musical bones for sale here.

No, this is not a museum or scholarly institution. But it is a modest attempt to preserve some musical bones history for future generations of players and researchers.

Buy these bones, then pass along their history to the ages
So enjoy these intriguing vintage historical instruments. With these bones in your pocket, you are literally a part of musical bones history!
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Vintage Mahogany Minstrel Style Bones Vintage Mahogany Minstrel Style Bones, matched set of 4

Matched Set of 4 Vintage Mahogany Minstrel Style Bones.

Only $199.97 matched set of 4
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Buy these bones, then pass along their history to the ages.