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Back in Stock...Hans Weehuizen Bentwood Bones

Your Shooting Star and Whamdiddle Headquarters
Largest selection of Shooting Star and Whamdiddle bones in the universe. Browse our excellent variety of Shooting Star and Whamdiddle bones. If you can't find them here, then you won't find them anywhere. Matched pairs...matched sets too!

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Percy Danforth Virgin Maple Bones Percy Danforth Virgin Maple Bones

Made of logs dredged from bottom of Lake Superior - sunk over 100 years ago!

Only $33.97 pair
(Out of Stock)
Bot Bones Aluminum, long Bot Bones Aluminum, long

Handcrafted from same alloy as Pioneer spacecraft greeting plaque.

Only $24.97 pair
(Out of Stock)
BoneZone: In Session BoneZone: In Session

Excellent companion CD to "Mac Bones and the B Band."

List Price: $23.20
Only $21.97 CD
You save $1.23!
4 in stock!
Hans Weehuizen 'Old Dutch Style' Bentwood Bones Hans Weehuizen 'Old Dutch Style' Bentwood Bones

Slightly shorter, reminiscent of bones from nautical whaling days.

Only $33.99 pair
9 in stock!
Green slate musical stone bones Stone Bones, Green Slate

Handcrafted from ringing-hard Vermont Green roofing slate.

Clanky Dog Air Mesh Bottle Cap Washboard Gloves Bottle Cap Washboard Gloves, air mesh pair

Featherweight Bottle Cap washboard gloves deliver dampened moderate tone & they're gentle on your washboard rub surface. Airmesh keeps hands cool.

Sandor Slomovit's tribute to Percy Danforth Mr. Bones, featuring Sandor Slomovits

Delightful CD by the Percy Danforth bone maker for the new millennium.

Only $14.97 CD
(Out of Stock)
Whamdiddle Unfinished Minstrel-style Cherry Bones Whamdiddle Minstrel-style Cherry Bones, Unfinished

Do-it-yourself Whamdiddle bones.

Only $11.97 pair
3 in stock!
Scott Miller Flat Ox Rib Musical Bone Scott Miller Sun-Bleached Ox Rib Single Bone, Flat

Mix n' match. Flat rib is easy to hold and grip.

Only $21.97 each (one single bone)
(Out of Stock)