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Reddish brown (cinnamon toast)

  • Specific Gravity: .37 ( Mildest Tone)
  • Density: 23 to 26 pcf (Mildest Tone)
  • Hardness: 350 to 568 Janka (Dull to Dullest Tone)
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Half-Round Tunwood Bones, narrow, warped (Bargain Bin) Half-Round Tunwood (Indian Cedar) Bones, narrow, warped (Bargain Bin)

Half-round design, exotic wood...closeout price. [Photo: Actual Product]

List Price: $18.00 pair
Bargain Bin Price: $4.99 pair
You save $13.01!
1 in stock!
Pea Patch Minstrel-style Tunwood Bones, wide Pea Patch Minstrel-style Tunwood (Indian Cedar) Bones, wide

Traditional minstrel design, exotic wood...plain price.

Only $27.97 pair
4 in stock!
Whamdiddle Cedar Bones Whamdiddle Western Cedar Bones

Handcrafted by master luthier with graduate degree in Physics.