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Whole Ox Shin Bone
Whole Uncut Sun-bleached Ox Shin Bone
Jim's Ox Shin Bones

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These naturally sun-bleached ox bones come from the open range - you won't find them at a butcher shop.

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Only $7.97 each
Special Note: Each shin makes two musical bones for one hand.

This is a natural product, no two are alike: Your item may differ from photo.

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What Makes This the Best Ox Shin Bone Material this Side of the Rocky Mountains?

Once each year I get a shipment of whole, uncut, naturally sun-bleached bones from an itinerant ranch hand out West.

All Natural
Every autumn Jim travels across the Rockies to work on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. While there he scours the range for old bones. He identifies each bone by species, then soaks them in water "until there is no meat left on them." Next he scrubs them up clean and lays them out in the sun to dry. Finally, after the bones are looking their best and the winter snows thaw, he crates them up and ships the entire lot to me here in Saint Louis. And in case you were wondering, Jim uses no bleach, no chemicals, and no heat in the cleaning process. "Yes, it is all natural," he assures me. Jim recently collected a few bones from a ranch he used to work at in California. These are the same fine quality as the Wyoming bones and are now part of the inventory.

Distinctive Tonality
Musical bones crafted from ox shins produce a bright sharp tone and are among my favorites. Many experienced players are familiar with the distinctive tone produced by instruments made from solid bone.

Look and Feel Like Ivory
Ox shins produce musical bones that are rock solid. There is no marrow chamber inside the instrument. That is why the musical bones you craft from this first-rate material produce such a sharp clear tone. Musical bones crafted from ox shins look and feel like ivory. You can expect the finished instruments to be quite durable, silky smooth to the touch, and they should last for generations if you don't drop them on the sidewalk.

For Experienced Musical Shin Bone Makers
I have no experience crafting musical instruments from shin bones. At least not yet. So if you need advice on how to make musical bones from ox shins, I am sorry, but at this point in time I am not the one to ask. But I have owned numerous sets of musical shin bones. And I am handy in the workshop. And I did attend Tim Reilly's musical shin bone workshop at Bones Fest IX in Chattanooga a few years back. So I plan to try my hand at it after I acquire a wet slab saw. So even if you have little or no experience making musical bones from ox shins I will gladly fill your order. But I want you to know that if you need technical help, you are on your own.

How-to Booklet Wanted
Are you an experienced bone maker who has published a "how-to make musical bones from ox shins" booklet? Then give me a holler and we can talk about offering your booklet for sale.

Excellent Raw Material
Experienced bone crafters will be absolutely delighted with this raw material. In fact,
I guarantee it. And I am sure you will appreciate that since these are natural products, no two are alike.

Naturally Aged Outdoors and Bleached By the Sun
The bones in this collection have aged under the sun for a good stretch of time. Jim reports that "the bones I find in the field are maybe one or two years old." So if you are looking to get your hands on genuine, bone-a-fide, bone-dry products, then you have come to the right place.

Limited Supply, Order Now
Remember, Jim sends me just one major shipment each year. Make no bones about it, when these bones are gone, they're gone. So if you want to try this excellent musical bone material, then order today.

Bone Crafter
You must be absolutely delighted with the finished musical instruments created from these Whole Sun-bleached Bones. If you are not happy with the finished musical bones you craft from these bones for any reason - or for no reason - then just give me a holler and I will send your choice of an immediate full refund or free replacement bones absolutely free. And the shipping is on me. So if the bones you make don't turn out how you like them, then just keep 'em and try again.

All the risk is on me. So what are you waiting for? Order this first-rate raw material now and get rattling.

  • Naturally Sun-bleached: Bone dry, not greasy
  • Uncut: Make the length you want
  • Produces Solid Musical Shin Bone: Generates clear sharp tone
  • Free-range Critters: Died naturally of old age
  • Pre-cleaned: No scrubbing or picking off dried meat
  • Free from Bleach, Chemicals and Heat: All natural, won't chafe skin
  • Smooth Finish: You might see some thin natural protective membrane, but all-in-all the bone is ready to cut, sand and buff

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