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Sunnyland Wavy Stainless Steel Washboard, small "pail-size"

Sunnyland Wavy Stainless Steel Washboard, pail size
Sunnyland traditional wavy stainless steel, small "pail size" washboard generates loud solid tone. Excellent for Zydeco and Cajun...holds up to abuse.

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Why Choose this Washboard?
If you want a small lightweight pail-size musical washboard; strong durable rust-free metal surface that takes lots of abuse; corrugated wave pattern similar to frottoir and zydeco style rub boards; great for jugband and Cajun tunes; generates a loud solid tone and lets you play both sides, then this washboard is for you.

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Here's what you get: One brand new smal "pail-size" washboard

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Description Technical Specs The Inside Story...
Sunnyland Small "pail-size" Wavy Stainless Steel Washboard
Smooth traditional wavy stainless steel rubbing surface generates loud solid tone, holds up to abuse
Brand new genuine Sunnyland washboard made in Logan, Ohio by the historic Columbus Washboard Company (est. 1895).

Brand New Genuine Sunnyland Washboard made by the Columbus Washboard Company

The Columbus Washboard Company was founded in 1895. It all started when Frederic Martin, Sr. began building washboards in his backyard. Today the business is the sole remaining washboard manufacturer in the US.

This Sunnyland washboard was assembled by hand on vintage equipment from the early 1900s. The authentic Sunnyland design on the front panel dates back to 1937.

Wavy Stainless Steel is Smooth & Tough - Won't Rust Sunnyland Wavy Profile View
The hard corrugated metal rub surface is made from tough stainless steel. This washboard is essentially a Cajun-style frottoir in a wooden frame. The Sunnyland is also a favorite with jugbands. So grab your thimbles, bottle openers and spoons and scratch this board to your heart's content. Guaranteed to make the rhythm fly!

This small pail-size version delivers a loud solid tone. The sound is somewhat reserved and less "boomy" compared to its larger family-size brother. Both versions sport an open back that lets you play both sides of the rub surface. You can also mute the tone with your hand or belly.
Put vinyl tape on the back to mellow the tone a notch.

Large & small Small Pail Size
This Columbus Sunnyland washboard is a small pail-size washboard. It is significantly smaller and lighter in weight than the larger family-size version.

So just to be clear, washboards come in two basic sizes: Small and large. This Sunnyland "pail-size" washboard is small. The Sunnyland "family-size" washboard is large.

Which Size Should You Get?
Some players prefer the small size because it is lighter in weight and easier to lug around. Others prefer the large size because you get more surface area to scratch and more frame to mount accessory items. The small size generates a slightly diminished and reserved tone compared to the large size which delivers a relatively stronger and boomy sound. Either size works fine for any musical genre (or body type). So whether you choose a large or small washboard is purely subjective and just a matter of personal preference.

What Makes This Washboard So Special?
You can boil it down to three factors:

Sunnyland washboard-detail 1. Stainless Steel Rub Surface Generates Loud Tone, Withstands Abuse
The first thing you'll notice about stainless steel is that it's a lot louder than the tin rubbing surface on a vintage washboard. And unlike vintage tin that develops ruts so easily, stainless steel is tough and can take a good pounding. On the other hand, hard stainless steel wears down your thimbles fast.

Now before you get all huffy, none of this makes either washboard better. But it does make them different. So if you want a metal surface that puts out a loud tone and if you plan to scrape the heck out of it (say for Zydeco) - then get stainless. If you need a softer tone for bluesy stuff or old-time music, then go with vintage tin.

701 washboard-ribs2. Open Back lets you Modify Tone
All Columbus Washboards sport an open back that lets you play both sides of the rub surface. Plus you can dampen the tone with your hand or belly.

3. Handmade Solid Construction
The frame design is elegantly simple and compact. The metal rubbing surface fits snug and secure in the precision machined framework. So the entire unit is amazingly sturdy and reliable. The durable poplar hardwood frame is held together by 6 small accurately injected steel staples. What's more, no elements stick out, fall off, or snag at you. The shallow channel in each leg helps the Columbus Washboard Company keep production costs down - and guarantees your washboard is the most current model.

How to Attach Accessories:
With a Janka hardness rating of approximately 540, poplar is a relatively soft wood. Still, you should avoid hammering nails into the frame or you might crack the wood. The safer way to add accessories and hardware is to drill holes with a sharp wood-cutting bit, then attach with bolts (preferably) or screws.

Buy a Washboard...Save your Place in Musical Roots History
Columbus Washboard Co The washboard business was a thriving industry at the turn of the century. During World War II the Columbus Washboard factory churned out more than a million washboards a year. But the invention of the automatic washing machine sent the washboard industry spiraling into decline. By the early 1970s only about 10 washboard companies operated in the US. All except the Columbus Washboard Company eventually closed their doors.

On the verge of extinction the business relocated in 1999 from Columbus, Ohio to the small town of Logan - which now hosts the nation's one and only Washboard Music Festival.

Make no doubt about it, your purchase keeps this historic company, and working museum, and important annual washboard musical roots festival alive & well today...and for generations to come.
  1. Stainless Steel Rub Surface: Tough and hard. Will not rust.
  2. Wavy Corrugation Pattern: Traditional shape Zydeco players love.
  3. All Wood Frame: Easy to attach accessory items.
  4. Open Back: Lets you dampen tone with your hand or belly.
  5. Solid Construction: Holds up to abuse.
  6. Rigid and Firm: Generates loud powerful tone, frame won't fall apart.
  7. Natural Poplar Wood (aka cottonwood): Won't irritate skin.

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