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Bulb, Large - Blemished, Battered & Flawed
Spare Blemished, Battered & Flawed Rubber Bulb for Large, Straight and Circular Horns
"Blemished, Battered & Flawed" replacement bulb for Circular, Large, Small and Straight horns. [Photo: Representative Sample]

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Bulb Mounting Tips FREE! Eight-page full-color illustrated Bulb Mounting Tips Booklet packed with each shipment (a $3.00 value!).

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Priced for Clearance...
Get $8.25 OFF these fully guaranteed blemished, battered & flawed bulbs.
  • Pictured items are representative sample. Your item might differ slightly.
  • Order now. When they're gone, they're gone.
If bulb ever fails to perform satisfactorily, just let us know and we will send you an immediate replacement or full refund.

Spare rubber bulb fits our Circular, Large, Small and Straight bulb horns only (see photos).

Need a bulb for your Mini bulb horn? Then try Mini Bulb.

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Why Choose this Bulb? If you want to save over SIX-AND-A-HALF bucks on a budget-priced, antique-style, spare replacement bulb that fits most Circular, Large, Small and Straight bulb horns, then this bulb is for you.
  • Brand New!
  • Fits most bulb horns.
  • Tested and Certified: Bulb inspected & approved.
  • Hand Applied Protectant: Extends life of rubber—guards against ozone, oxidation and UV radiation.
  • FREE Bulb Mounting Tips Booklet packed with each shipment.
  • Extra-Low Bargain Bin Price
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
List Price: $10.99
Bargain Bin Price: $2.74 each
You save $8.25!

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Product Code: B-119-12-BULB-3

Product Specs
"Blemished, Battered & Flawed" Spare Rubber Bulbs for Circular, Large, Small and Straight Horns - bargain bin special offer
Fits virtually all the popular bulb horns...this is the low-cost bulb you've been looking for.
Just screw it on and start honkin'!

75% OFF!
Get a whopping $8.25 off the regular price of these blemished, battered & flawed bulbs that work just fine. Okay, these "bad boys" are slightly more incorrigible than our Scrunched Bulbs.

Yes, these Blemished, Battered & Flawed Bargain Bin Bulbs might be out-of-round, show dents, dings, cracks, scrunched or collapsed rubber or some other cosmetic issue. But no matter what kind of flaw, you save serious cash on these rugged bulbs guaranteed to make your horn blast LOUD.

Hey, we're practically giving them away. So order yourself a few extra spares now while they last.

Fully Guaranteed:
The dented or collapsed rubber on these bulbs tend to self-heal over time. So the "Blemished, Battered & Flawed Bulb" you get is likely to morph into a nearly perfect—or even a first-quality bulb before you know it. (Any cracks, maybe not so much.) But no matter. These bulbs are fully guaranteed to meet your satisfaction and perform without fail, so there is absolutely no risk.

Make that Old Horn Squawk Again!
Large replacement bulb delivers extraordinarily loud honk for Circular, Large, Small and Straight horns. (does not fit Double Bell or Mini horns).

Bulb measures a substantial 3-3/4 inches (9.5 cm) in diameter by 5-1/4 inches (13.3 cm) in length to end of brass collar. Total length to tip of brass tube is approximately 7-1/4 inches (18.4 cm) (varies). Designed for 3-part brass bulb horns (bulb-reed-horn). Spare brass reed available separately if needed.

reed screws into horn Reed screws into horn, not the bulb. So if your reed screws into bulb, then our bulb will not work. (Yes, the reed slides inside bulb tube. But reed is physically attached to horn.)

Large or Mini?
We offer bulbs in just two sizes: Large and Mini. Large is the "standard size" bulb and fits most bulb horns. The Mini is designed for little "bicycle-size" horns. The Double Bell Bulb is just a Large Bulb with a longer tube.

A Mini Bulb does not generate enough blast for standard size horns. So even if our Mini Bulb fits your standard size horn, you should find a bulb designed for your specific horn instead (prices typically start at $20.00), or retrofit Large Bulb.

How to Choose the Bulb Size you Need
    Measure Bulb Tube:
  • If outside diameter is 11/16" (17.5 mm), then get Large bulb.
  • If outside diameter is 5/8" (15.9 mm), then get Mini bulb (see note above).
    Measure Brass Fitting:
  • If horn fitting OD is 5/8" (15.9 mm), then get Large bulb (same as Large bulb tube ID).
  • If horn fitting OD is ~9/16" (14.3 mm), then get Mini bulb (same as Mini bulb tube ID).
    Measure Bulb:
  • If bulb circumference is 11-1/2" (29.2 cm), or length from base to neck is 5-1/4" (13.3 cm), then get Large bulb.
  • If bulb circumference is 8-3/16" (20.8 cm), or length from base to neck is 3-1/4" (8.2 cm), then get Mini bulb.
Need more product specs? Click "Technical Specs" tab above for detailed factual data.

Bulb Size Comparison
Bulb Size Comparison Mini Bulb (top)
Large Bulb (middle)
Double Bell Bulb (bottom)

Order this Guaranteed Bulb and Save Cash!
Fits These Horns:
This replacement bulb fits all kinds of vintage car, taxi, antique, old-brass and clown horns. Also fits Dobani bulb horn product code: BULL, BULS, BULH, BULD, and BULO. So if you need to replace a crumbly ol' horn bulb, then this fully guaranteed low-cost Spare Rubber Bulb is what you've been looking for.
  • Low cost—economical
  • Black rubber
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Large 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) diameter bulb
  • Generates loud honk
Tested and Certified
Inspected, Bench-Tested and Guaranteed to Work

Each bulb is visually and physically inspected, compression-tested and quality approved. Your bulb must successfully pass the inspection process—and cannot ship without a valid certificate to prove it. Last time we checked, no other seller tests their bulbs at all, yet alone to these stringent standards...

SIX POINT Bargain Bin Bulb Inspection:
Bone Dry Music Certified—
1. Blemished, Battered & Flawed, yet operational

2. No crucial defects
3. No significant leaks or pin holes
4. Screw fitting seats properly
5. Compression test generates strong blast
6. No risk, fully guaranteed

Buy with Confidence
Largest Bulb Seller on eBay, and Just About Everywhere Else

There's a good reason why so many shoppers order their bulbs and bulb horns from Bone Dry Music. Actually, there's at least three good reasons:
  1. You get comprehensive product info: We do our best to give you all the info and facts you need so there are no surprises when you open the box.
  2. We're easy to deal with: Got a problem with your order? We take care of you.
  3. You get a good deal: Go ahead and shop around. Our prices are about as good as it gets.
What's more, your order is expertly boxed and packed. And ships quick too—usually within one business day.

Good Deal for Thrifty Shoppers...Satisfaction Guaranteed
These are rather excellent products for the price. But they ain't fancy high-class articles. Most of the bulbs are just fine and you can expect them to serve you well for at least a year or two, maybe more. But if the bulb you get does not meet with your satisfaction, then you can count on us to make things right.

Order Worry-free
Our bulbs are inspected, pre-tested, treated with rubber protectant and fully guaranteed. We'll have your horn up and honking again before you know it. Order now and discover why more than 1,541 smart eBay and Amazon shoppers demand guaranteed bulbs from Bone Dry Music.

Now you're honkin'!™
  1. Large Bulb: Produces substantial honk.
  2. Durable Construction: Built with tough rubber, brass fittings.
  3. Just Screw-on and Honk: Fits Circular, Large, Small and Straight (not Mini) horns.
  4. 3-Part (bulb-collar-tube) Construction: Lets do-it-yourselfers modify bulb.
  5. Traditional Design: Like you might find at a fine antique shop.

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