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Scott Miller Sun-Bleached Ox Rib Single Bone, Flat & Heavy
Scott Miller Flat & Heavy Ox Rib Musical Bone
Mix n' match. Flat & heavy rib is heavy, bulky and delivers resonant sound.

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Mix N' Match
Now, exclusively at this store: Order natural ox ribs "a la carte" to create pairs of instruments just how you want them! Choose from flat, conical, semiconical, humpy and our budget priced honeycomb bones.

These are natural products, no two are alike.

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Did You Order Enough Bones?
You need to order 2 bones for a full pair. One pair of bones (2 single bones) is enough for one hand. If you want enough bones for two-hand playing, then you need to get at least two pairs (4 single bones)—

1 Pair = 2 bones (enough for one hand)
2 pairs = 4 bones (enough for two-hand playing)

Only $21.97 each (one single bone)
Special Note: You need to order 2 bones for a full pair.

Here's what you get: One single bone. This is half a pair.

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Scott Miller Flat & Heavy Sun-Bleached Ox Rib Bones

These Flat & Heavy bones are made from ribs that fall between Regular Hefty and Hefty High End. They average 1/2" thick and weigh around 1-1/2 times as much as other Flat bones, so they feel rather heavy and bulky. More details about Flat and other ox rib bones are below.


Musical bones from natural ribs generally come in two shapes: Conical or Flat. Conical bones come from an upper segment of the rib. Flat bones are made from a lower segment. The bones are usually shaped from ribs ranging from Regular to High End.

Flat Musical Bones
We call them flat, but whether musical bones are made of wood or natural bone, the instruments do have an arc. Truly flat musical bones are planks or slats. A 'flat' musical bone looks like a bowed plank. Flat musical rib bones are made from the lower segment of a natural rib.

Conical Musical Bones
Conical shaped bones come from the upper portion of a rib near the vertebra. They are somewhat round at one end, but flat at the other. Some folks prefer to rattle them with the flat ends up near the knuckles. That way the bones are easier to hold between the fingers. But it doesn't matter which end is up for me. That's because I use the 'Irish' or 'European'
two-finger grip. This grip makes holding the bones at either end just as comfortable.

Semiconical Musical Bones
Semiconical bones, like their sister Conical bones, come from the upper portion of a rib near the vertebra. But the round end is a little flatter. They are something of a cross between conical and flat bones. You might say they are a conical bone with a compressed snout. I characterize them as a flat bone with attitude.

Humpy Musical Bones
Humpy bones are cool. They are the flat segment of a rib with a slight hump in the bone. These instruments radiate their own distinct personality.

Honeycomb Musical Bones

Honeycomb bones come from the lower segment of an ox rib where the marrow appears foamy and honeycombed. You can see this honeycomb area in the Regular Rib photo below (see end scrap beside Flat bone). The instruments are normal at one end but sometimes a little bulbous at the other. And since the skin surface near the honeycomb end is a little thinner, you get these great sounding easy-to-grip flat bones at a bargain price.
ox rib cage

High End Ribs

ox rib cage The best ribs for making musical bones are the upper back ribs (aka High End). They are located next to the shoulder. These premium ribs are prized by experienced musical bone makers because the shape is nearly perfect and requires less sculpting.

Regular Ribs
segmented rib Regular ribs are longer than High End bones and a tad thicker, wider, and heavier. They almost always yield both a conical plus a flat musical bone. Regular bones produce excellent instruments, even though the edges usually show exposed marrow.

Which is Better: Conical or Flat?
Neither is better. They are just different. But if I had to pick just one design style, I would have to flip a coin. Better yet, I would ask my wife to get me a pair of both—and then I would mix and match 'em.

Make Your Own Musical Bones
Are you handy in the workshop? Want to save money? Then maybe you would like to do-it-yourself. Click here to
make your own musical bones.

Can't Decide Which Bones to Choose?
Check out this handy guide: Bone FAQs
  • Smooth Glossy Finish: Bones look bright and shiny and are a pleasure to touch.
  • Durable Finish: Keeps looking good year after year.
  • All Natural: Free from harmful chemicals. Won't chafe or irritate your skin.
  • Naturally Sun-bleached: Bone dry, not greasy.
  • Produces Broad Tonal Range: Play them soft or loud.
  • Free-range Critters: Died naturally of old age.
  • Beveled Edges: Makes grip more comfortable.

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