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Musician's POWERgrip VARIETY 3-PACK Drumstick Grip Wax

Musician's POWERgrip DRUMSTICK GRIP WAX (variety 3-pack)
🟢🔵🔴 VARIETY 3-PACK Drumstick Grip Wax

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Product Code: 143-D-BKR-LMH-J

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Musician's POWERgrip 🟢🔵🔴 VARIETY 3-PACK Drumstick Grip Wax
The first and only grip wax that offers you 3 tack levels. Easy to use. Never lose your grip again!

Thrifty Variety 3-Pack includes all three versions—best value...saves cash!

Musician's POWERgrip Drumstick Grip Wax is specially formulated for drummers. The product improves your grip by making the drumstick sticky. The stickiness prevents slippage. What's the result? Firm control of your instrument. Now you can play with confidence—no more "whoops!" Never worry that your drumsticks will slip from your grasp again.

Use anytime you need a firm dependable grip, particularly summer and winter.
  • Summer: when hot humid air makes your hands wet and slippery.
  • Winter: when dry air makes hands slick as cardboard.

Musicians have used beeswax as a grip enhancement aid throughout the ages. Some century ago (don't know when exactly), a resourceful musician mixed sticky tree sap into the beeswax and discovered it gave them an even better grip. Enterprising folks have been making grip products from beeswax and rosin ever since. Here's what sets our product apart from the rest:

FIRST, we source hard-to-find superior quality American made natural ingredients that are second to none.

SECOND, we take those precious ingredients and blend them into a grip enhancing compound—formulated specifically for drummers.

THIRD, and this is important: we tweak that formulation and craft it into solid rub blocks featuring not just one, not two—but three levels of grip strength.

What's more, each solid rub block is nestled carefully inside a handy twist-open jar that tucks away conveniently in your pocket or gig bag. This adds up to the best traditional beeswax and rosin grip product you can buy.

Okay, so it's just beeswax and rosin. Well, maybe not "just" beeswax and rosin. After all, you won't find a finer quality beeswax and rosin grip product anyplace else. (Don't take our word for it, go look for yourself.) Sure, beeswax and rosin has been the preferred gripping aid for generations of players. But premium quality or not, beeswax and rosin ain't for everyone. Still, for musicians who like the stuff, there is no better brand.

Rub a few lines of grip wax along drumstick. Reacts to body heat. Reapply as needed.
The first (and only) grip wax that offers you 3 tack levels. Easy to use. Never lose your grip again!
Musician's POWERgrip offers Drumstick Grip Wax at three tack levels. No other company offers three tack levels. So now, for the first time, you can get drumstick grip wax at the tack strength that works best for you.
This product is composed of premium quality cosmetic grade triple filtered virgin capping beeswax produced by American beekeepers. The soft sticky capping wax is made by bees from thin layers of wax and propolis (aka bee glue, especially prized for its anti-bacterial and wound healing properties). Capping wax is a unique natural substance (and "secret" ingredient) that gives our grip wax its firmer more "grippier" grip.

Beware of "Organic" Beeswax
Organic beeswax? Really? We have yet to find a beekeeper in the U.S. that produces organic beeswax. The only organic beeswax we've ever seen is imported. So if your grip product claims to be made from organic beeswax, then caveat emptor. Because if a product is made with organic beeswax you can reasonably assume two things: 1. The wax is imported. 2. The quality is suspect.

Infused into our premium quality beeswax is rosin. But not any ol' rosin. The rosin we procure comes from a small family-owned operation in southeast Georgia that's been refining pine tree products for nearly a hundred years. This environmentally conscious "green" business produces 100% pure natural pine rosin—with absolutely no additives—derived from their own sustainably managed trees. What's not to like.

Try Musician's POWERgrip Drumstick Grip Wax on any handheld rhythm instrument that needs a secure no-nonsense grip.
  • Mallets
  • Shakers
  • Scrapers
  • Rhythm Bones
  • Musical Spoons
  • Bodhran Tippers
Attention Fiddlers: Works great on bow handles!

Just a creative way to celebrate our cultural diversity. Also, as luck would have it, and although it's barely noticeable, the higher the tack level the darker the wax. So depicting the hands from lighter to darker reflects the complexion of the product—as well as our customers.

Swirl a few drops of dish soap, water, and vegetable oil (or peanut butter) in palm. Rub hands together. Rinse.

100% American made product.
  • Beeswax made in USA
  • Rosin made in USA
  • Even the Jar is made in USA
  • Shamelessly handcrafted in small batches right here in Saint Louis, Missouri—USA
  1. Variety 3-Pack: Includes all three versions—saves cash!
  2. Traditional Grip Aid: Essential tool for percussionists.
  3. Formulated for Drummers: Also great for most handheld rhythm instruments.
  4. Solid Rub Block: Dependable longtime proven way to apply grip wax to drumsticks.
  5. Quick and Easy to Use: Just rub wax on drumstick—you're ready to play.
  6. Auto Regulating: Reacts to body heat.
  7. Play With Confidence: Never lose your grip again.
  8. Helps You Play Better: Delivers firm grip and solid control.
  9. Great in Summer: Improves grip when hot humid air makes hands wet and slippery.
  10. Great in Winter: Improves grip when dry air makes hands slick as cardboard.
  11. Screw Cap Jar: Easy to open, seals tight.
  12. Handy Size: Tucks away in pocket or gig bag.
  13. A Little Goes a Long Way: One block can last a lifetime.
  14. All Natural Ingredients: Pleasant beeswax and pine scent.
  15. Superior Beeswax: Delivers firm comfortable "grippier" grip.
  16. 100% Pure Rosin: Absolutely no additives.
  17. Premium Quality Product: Handcrafted in small batches.
  18. Made in USA: 100% American made product.
  19. Genuine Musician's POWERgrip: There is no better brand.

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