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Bow-hran Stick (fiddle)
Bow-hran Stick Top End Style Tipper
Top-end style bodhran tippers handcrafted from genuine fiddle bows.

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The few sticks in stock right now are cool exotic snake wood.
  • Handcrafted from genuine fiddle bows.
  • No two are alike. Your item may differ from photo.
  • Special Offer:
    Order 2 or more Bow-hran Sticks™ (cello or violin), get 25% Off!
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Bow-hran Stick

These rustic top-end style bodhran tippers are handcrafted from genuine fiddle bows. Most are old worn out bows with character. Some are made from broken bows. All are acquired from violin shops that cannot use them anymore.

Bow-hran Stick Construction
There ain't nothing fancy about a Bow-hran Stick. It is just a hunk of fiddle bow with the ends chopped off.

Sure, I sand the ends then touch 'em up with a buffer and tripoli polishing compound. But that is about the extent of it. And since the sticks come from a bow, none are perfectly straight. Some players consider this an advantage. Others would call it a defect. So there is nothing special about these drum sticks. Except maybe the name. I think "Bow-hran Stick" is simple, descriptive, and kinda cool. The idea came from my 11-year-old son, Zak (who is now 15 and doing great in high school).

Strong Lightweight Wood: Excellent for Top-end Playing
Some of the bows are brazilwood or pernumbuco. These two woods, which come from the same tree, are prized by bow makers for its superior strength and light weight.

But I cannot positively identify which wood is which or whether your stick is another wood altogether. However, we can safely assume each stick is a strong lightweight wood. And that is the perfect choice for top-end playing.

Four Lengths
4-lengths The sticks are now available in four lengths: 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches. Which length is best for you? I consider myself a novice top-end player, but I understand that 7" sticks work best for smaller drums (12" diameter), while 9" or 10" sticks work best for larger drums (16" to 18" diameter). I will be happy to make a Bow-hran Stick in any custom length you want at no extra charge. Just let me know what length you want. Allow 2 to 4 weeks to ship.

Four Styles:
You can choose from four styles:
Grip, Grip w/coil, Plain, and Slim & Curvy. These styles reflect the nature of a fiddle bow.

grip-detail Grip sticks are from bows with grip material near the end. The grips are leather, heavy paper or a vinyl-like material. In any case, the grip material makes these sticks a little heavier at the grip end. Most are from vintage bows that reveal a lifetime of wear and character. Some grips reinforced with polyurethane finish or heat shrink tubing. Supply is extremely limited.

Grip w/coil
grip w/coil-detail Grip w/coil sticks are from bows that sport a coil wrapping of wire or plastic. Like the grip sticks above, these sticks offer you a little more weight at the grip end. And like the sticks above, most are vintage bows that have been around the block a few times. So most of the grips and coils are reinforced with polyurethane finish or heat shrink tubing. Supply is extremely limited.

plain-group Plain sticks are from bows with no grip material at the end of the bow. Some of the plain sticks are cut from a segment near the middle of the bow - which is a smidge smaller in diameter and slightly more curved.

Slim & Curvy
slim/curvy-group Slim & Curvy sticks are the lightest in weight. They have no grip material and come from a segment near the tip end of the bow.

Is a Bow-hran Stick Right for You?
These lightweight violin bow tippers work fine for top-end playing. But if your drum has a thick rubbery skin like my unique Albert Alfonso does, then you will probably need a heavier stick. And if you are thinking of trying a violin or cello Bow-hran Stick for Kerry style playing, then I think its light weight might leave you disappointed.

Here's good news if you want a big hefty Bow-hran Stick
A 9" tipper I made from a double bass bow seems to work well for Kerry style playing on my Alfonso. The 9" Double Bass Bow-hran Sticks work well for Kerry style, even on my rubbery Alfonso drum. And at 80% the weight of my 9" ebony "Mark Stone style" tipper, these Double Bass Bow-hran Sticks are certainly substantial enough for Kerry style playing. And of course, they're kind of cool too.

Low Price
Each handcrafted Bow-hran Stick is a paltry $8.97 to $19.97. So go ahead and order a spare or two.

Special Offer
while supplies last...

Order 2 or more Bow-hran Sticks™ (cello or violin), get 25% Off!
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Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
100-600-F7G Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 7" Grip
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F7CG Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 7" Grip w/coil
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F7P Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 7" Plain
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F7SC Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 7" Slim & Curvy
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F8G Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 8" Grip
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F8CG Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 8" Grip w/coil
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F8P Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 8" Plain
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F8SC Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 8" Slim & Curvy
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F9G Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 9" Grip
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F9CG Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 9" Grip w/coil
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F9P Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 9" Plain
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F9SC Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 9" Slim & Curvy
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F10G Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 10" Grip
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F10CG Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 10" Grip w/coil
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F10P Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 10" Plain
(Out of Stock)
100-600-F10SC Bow-hran Stick (fiddle), 10" Slim & Curvy
(Out of Stock)
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  • Genuine Old Fiddle Bow: A cool stick for the new millennium.
  • Lightweight and sturdy: The perfect combination for top-end playing.
  • Original Stain: The natural look for a natural drummer.
  • Buffed and Polished: Professional look and feel.
  • Double O-rings: Provides secure non-slip grip.
  • Four Lengths to Choose From: Pick the length that works best for you.
  • Four Styles to Choose From: Pick the style that works best for you.
  • Handcrafted: Made one-at-a-time, the old fashioned way.
  • Budget Priced: Grab a handful without breaking the bank.

Figures are approximate (but pretty darn close)--
  • Length: 7, 8, 9 or 10 inches
  • Diameter: 1/4" to 3/8"
  • Weight: .15 oz to .65 oz
  • Composition: Durable Old Fiddle Bow Hardwood
  • Wood: Varies, sometimes brazilwood or pernumbuco
  • Camber (arc): Natural fiddle bow curve
  • Color: Original stain. Some stains partially removed from buffing and polish.
  • Finish: Buffed and polished w/tripoli compound
  • Grip Support: Two green buna-n rubber o-rings
  • Four styles: 1. Grip, 2. Grip w/coil, 3. Plain, 4. Slim & Curvy

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