What the heck are rhythm bones?
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Back in Stock...Hans Weehuizen Bentwood Bones

Your Shooting Star and Whamdiddle Headquarters
Largest selection of Shooting Star and Whamdiddle bones in the universe. Browse our excellent variety of Shooting Star and Whamdiddle bones. If you can't find them here, then you won't find them anywhere. Matched pairs...matched sets too!

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Whamdiddle Cocobolo Bones Whamdiddle Cocobolo Bones

Handcrafted by master luthier with graduate degree in Physics.

Features performance notes and transcriptions by Joseph Weidlich. Minstrel Banjo (Briggs' Banjo Instructor)

Learn to play banjo in authentic antebellum and Civil War minstrel style.

Only $12.95 each
4 in stock!
Green slate musical stone bones Stone Bones, Green Slate

Handcrafted from ringing-hard Vermont Green roofing slate.

Whamdiddle Unfinished Teak Bones Whamdiddle Teak Bones, Unfinished

Do-it-yourself Whamdiddle bones.

With My Banjo On My Knee With My Banjo On My Knee, book w/cd

Complete with historical notes, original lyrics, musical notation & tablature - plus a 28-track CD featuring authentic bone rattlin' by Edwin J. Sims.

Only $19.95 book w/cd
3 in stock!
100% Pure Hand Pulverized Rosin Rosin Powder, 100% Pure Hand Pulverized, Net Wt: .35 oz (9.5 g)

100% Pure Hand Pulverized rosin in handy non-breakable screw cap container.

Only $8.99 each
Minstrel-style African Blackwood Bones Whamdiddle Minstrel-style African Blackwood Bones

Historically Accurate Reproduction Minstrel-style Bones.

Only $45.97 pair
1 in stock!
Hans Weehuizen Bentwood Bones Hans Weehuizen Bentwood Bones

Regular size.

Only $33.99 pair
10 in stock!
Whole Uncut Sun-bleached Ox Shin Bone Whole Ox Shin Bone

Best Darned Ox Shin Bones this Side of the Rocky Mountains.

Only $7.97 each
(Out of Stock)