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Bonus Discount
1. How it Works
  Newsletter subscribers get a special 5% bonus discount off all purchases. You can also take advantage of other insider offers too, like an additional 10% off the Wood of the Month. But you must be a subscriber to get these savings.

2. How to Get Your Bonus Discount
  Subscribe to the Bone Dry Music BULLETIN. Then watch your email box for the next newsletter. The newsletter usually goes out within the first week of each month. Your bonus discount will be activated after you get the newsletter.

3. Your Bonus Discount is Combined with Other Sales and Offers Automatically
  Let's say you buy a pair of walnut bones. As a BULLETIN subscriber you automatically get 5% off as a bonus discount. Now here's the good part: If you take advantage of any sales or special offers, then both discounts are combined - automatically. For example, if you take advantage of the Wood of the Month special, then you get your 5% bonus discount - plus you get an additional 10% off for entering the coupon code at checkout. So if walnut is the wood of the month, then your total discount for that pair of walnut bones adds up to 15% off. Your bonus discount gets you 5% off any additional items you put in the cart too.

4. How to View Your Bonus Discount
  Just login and add items to your cart. As a BULLETIN subscriber that is all you have to do. Your bonus discount is calculated automatically. To see your Bonus Discount you must login before adding items to the shopping cart. You will find the discount price in orange under the regular price. Don't see your discount? Then make sure you are logged in. You must login for your discount prices to appear.


Suppose you login and are looking at Joe Birl Wooden Bones, natural finish. Below the regular price of $16.99 you will see Discount Price: $16.14 pair followed by You Save $0.85!

That's all there is to it. Just login, then add items to your cart.

5. Can't See Your Discount?
  Make sure you are a BULLETIN subscriber and logged in. Your discount prices do not appear unless you login.

Products with a drop down menu where you select from items with different prices might just show the 'You Save' amount for the lower cost item. But don't worry, the correct discount price appears in your shopping cart. So even though the lower price discount might be what you see, the correct discount price is what you get. In other words, you might see the lower price discount on the product page, but the correct discount price is in your shopping cart (knock on wood).