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Rosewood is a rare exotic heavy dense wood that delivers a strong sharp tone.

It varies in color from shades of brown to red or chocolate to violet, and is irregularly streaked with black. The grain is typically straight, but occasionally wavy. Its texture is medium to rather coarse and the wood has large pores that are quite irregular in size and position. The surface is slightly oily or waxy in appearance, somewhat gritty to the touch, and very resistant to decay and insect attack.

When cut, rosewood releases a fragrant aroma similar to roses. The fragrance has also been reported when the wood is burned (but you are wise not to mention this aspect to your detractors). Rosewood has a distinctive taste, we are told—and we will just take their word for it.

Sink or Float?
None of the charts we found rated rosewood with a specific gravity greater than 1.0. This surprised us as rosewood is a very hard and dense wood. Over the years we tossed various pairs of Rosewood bones into a tub of water to see what happens. As we expected, the darker, denser pairs sunk. But the lighter color pairs floated. So some pairs will have a specific gravity greater than 1.0, but the specific gravity of other pairs will be less.

Figures below are approximate (but pretty darn close)
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