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Midget #442 Washboard
Identical to Zinc King #703 except for metal composition
A great alternative washboard for the legendary Zinc King #703. Choose from Shiny, Dull and Dark tin rubbing surface.

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Vintage Midget Washboard #442

Genuine Vintage Midget #442 made by the National Washboard Company
The National Washboard Company manufactured washboards using several kinds of tin. The Midget #442 washboards featured in this shop represent three kinds of rubbing surfaces: Shiny Tin, Dull Tin, and Dark Tin.

Shiny Tin
Sunlight brightly reflects off the silver rubbing surface which resembles a shiny tin can. The metal rubbing surface "v" corrugation pattern is similar to most Zinc King #703 washboards.

Dull Tin
This rubbing surface is dull tin. At least three additional aspects set it apart from the other Midget #442 boards. One is the "step" pattern of the corrugated metal rubbing surface. Another is the Saginaw stamp on the back panel. Best of all for some players, the dull tin Midget #442 is closest in tone to the Zinc King #703.

Dark Tin
This rubbing surface is darker than the other Midget #442 washboards. It is made with a thin coating of dark gray material over shiny tin. Not sure what substance the dark coating is composed of. But it is probably zinc. The metal rubbing surface "v" corrugation pattern is similar to most Zinc King #703 washboards.

All Midget #442 washboards sound pretty much the same. However, washboard connoisseurs will be delighted to know the tonal range of the Midget #442 Dull Tin and Zinc King #703 is remarkably alike.

Midget #442 Shiny (highest tone)
Midget #442 Dark (distinctly lower tone than Shiny)
Zinc King #703 (distinctly lower tone than Dark)
Midget #442 Dull (Similar, but slightly lower tone than Zinc King #703)