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Granadillo is a rare exotic wood from Mexico, Central and South America that delivers a strong dull tone.

The wood is dense, tough, exceptionally heavy (it sinks in water) and exhibits a straight grain. Occasional light blonde sapwood is less dense and contrasts beautifully with heartwood. Several resources describe granadillo as "a closely related cousin" to cocobolo. The Ellis acoustic guitar company reports that "Granadillo has a ringing, bright tap tone."

Figures below are approximate (but pretty darn close)

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Granadillo Facts
Other Names
Guayacan trebol
Jacaranda do brejo

The grain is straight.

The texture is commonly medium to fine, and darker colored wood is reported to have a waxy appearance.

Heartwood Color
Light and Dark Brown (chocolate fudge ripple)
The heartwood is bright red to reddish or purplish brown, with rather distinct stripes. The heartwood is rated as highly resistant to attack by decay fungi, insects, and dry-wood termites.

Sapwood Color
The sapwood is clearly distinct from the heartwood, and is almost white in color.

There is no distinctive aroma or taste.

Environmental Profile
The environmental profile of this species within its natural geographical range has not been officially assessed. However, some trees are reportedly harvested from environmentally responsible or sustainably managed sources.

Tree Data
The tree is reported to reach heights of 80 feet (24 m) with trunk diameters of 28 to 42 inches (70 to 110 cm).