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Rosin Powder, Synthetic, Net Wt: .35 oz (10.5 g), Vol: .5 oz
Synthetic Rosin Powder
Synthetic rosin in handy non-breakable screw cap container.

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Four Good Reasons to Stick with Rosin:
  1. Music: Essential for stringed instruments.
  2. Dance: Traditional remedy for slick floors.
  3. Sports: Gives you a winning edge.
  4. Craft & Hobby: Excellent friction agent.
Why Choose this Rosin Powder?
If you want a small amount of hard-to-find synthetic rosin powder; pulverized to a fine chalky flour-like texture; won't irritate pine-sensitive skin; safe for you and the environment; packed in a handy easy-to-open durable container, and you want it at a bargain price, then this Synthetic rosin powder is for you.
  • Chemically safe product
  • Does not irritate pine-sensitive skin
  • Fine chalky flour-like texture
  • Packed by hand in small batches
  • Long lasting grip
  • Handy screw cap viall
  • Durable see-through container
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bargain price
Now Available in 4 Varieties: Save on our Rosin Powder Variety Packs

Only $4.99 each

Here's what you get: A vial of rosin powder (not the wax wheel).

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Description Technical Specs The Inside Story...
BoneGrip™ Synthetic Pulverized Rosin Powder
Looks and feels like fine chalky wheat flour
Small handy vial perfect for sports, gig or shoe bag.

Synthetic rosin is made from a chemically inert substance called chlorinated paraffin. That's great news for folks who are allergic to pine products.

Synthetic and natural pine-based rosin is commonly used by athletes, rock climbers, gymnasts and active folks in a host of physical activities to ensure a good grip. Synthetic rosin is used in various industrial applications, chiefly as a flame retardant. Synthetic rosin and its natural pine-based cousin are probably best known as a friction-agent used by musicians on bows to make violin strings vibrate.

Allergic to Pine Rosin? Not a Problem.
Synthetic rosin has become increasingly popular among musicians and athletes who are allergic to natural rosin.

Unlike natural rosin which is made from pine trees, synthetic rosin is a manufactured compound that won't irritate pine-sensitive skin. In fact, "This product has no known adverse effect on human health," reports the official Material Safety Data Sheet. Worse case scenario? "Prolonged and/or repeated skin contact may result in mild irritation or redness." What's more, "This product has no known eco-toxicological effects." So not only is synthetic rosin safe for your skin, it's also safe for the environment.

And what about carcinogens? "This product does not contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer," states the MSDS. So, yay! Our synthetic rosin hits the trifecta: It's safe for pine-sensitive skin, does not harm the environment, and does not cause cancer.

Looks and Feels Like Fine Chalky Wheat Flour
This commercially pulverized synthetic rosin powder is made from chlorinated paraffin resin which boasts excellent grip-improving ability. Its ultra-smooth consistency looks and feels like fine chalky wheat flour.

Packed in Small Vials...Hard-to-find Product
Last time we checked, no other seller offers rosin powder in such small handy squeeze vials. Loading rosin powder into the tiny vials is a nasty, difficult, and time-consuming job. (Just ask Tony who spent an entire morning filling 100 or so vials.) Because this is such a labor-intensive task, the cost per ounce is relatively high and our profit margin is low. So considering that no other seller is willing to undergo the time and effort to produce and pack rosin powder in such small handy vials, the cost is a true bargain. A little goes a long way. And for some of our musician and technician customers a vial holds a lifetime supply.

Cost Effective Too!

Commercially manufactured by an chemical process, this synthetic rosin is pulverized to a fine chalky flour-like powder. We pack the rosin in small batches, filling each individual vial one-at-a-time by hand. Filling the small narrow-neck vials is a difficult and messy job. But the fine synthetic rosin is easier to load than some of our other varieties and the saving is passed along to you. A little goes a long way—which is another reason so many customers favor this product.

Not allergic to pine rosin? For an even finer texture try our light & fluffy Mill Pulverized rosin powder. For a coarser texture try our gritty Hand Pulverized or lower cost Fine Ground rosin powder.

Who Uses Rosin Powder?
Bones Players:
Rosin is a traditional gripping aid for bones players. This rosin powder is a pulverized synthetic version of what the legendary bones player Percy Danforth kneaded into his wheel of beeswax to get a good grip. For best results, knead rosin powder into surface of BoneGrip™ wax wheel. The best time to work rosin into beeswax is during warm weather when wax softens easier. You can replenish the wheel from time to time by sprinkling a pinch of powdered rosin into the screw-top container and shaking it.

String Musicians:
Rosin is essential for stringed instruments. Nothing works quicker and easier than rosin powder to season a new bow. Helps keep banjo bridges in place too. Gripping Fact: Rosin is the secret ingredient that keeps guitar picks from flying.

Rosin is the traditional remedy for slick dance floors. Ballet dancers routinely crunch rosin on their pointe shoe heels and toes to prevent slipping on a slick wooden stage surface. Likewise, flamenco, Irish and other percussive dancers treat their shoes with rosin. Rosin also helps jazz and ballroom dancers maintain solid footing. Pole, hoop and aerial artists use rosin on their hands and feet to perform elaborate routines.

Craftspeople and Hobbyists:
Rosin is an excellent friction agent. Model makers use it on vise jaws and holding fixtures to stabilize small parts. Rosin works great on intricate components and flat surfaces to prevent slipping. Apply rosin anywhere you need to increase friction. Helps keep floor mats non-slip and your workshop injury-free.

Athletes and Sportspersons:
Rosin gives you a winning edge against the competition. A little rosin powder on your hands and sports equipment handles makes for a secure grasp. Use it on baseball & cricket bats, tennis & badminton rackets, golf clubs, or any surface that requires a solid no-nonsense grip. Apply directly on baseballs, pistol grips, or any object to prevent slippage. Try it directly on mats and floors. A little on the soles of basketball shoes, weightlifting boots, or bowling shoes improves traction. Rosin powder helps boxing and fencing champs dance strategically around their opponents. Rodeo riders use rosin on gloves and bull rope for a strong, tough hold.

Small Container...Low Bargain Price
With a little luck you can find a small packet of violin rosin powder on eBay for ten bucks or so. But why go through all that trouble and pay so much when you can get pulverized synthetic rosin powder in a handy screw cap vial for a fraction of the cost?
  • Chemically Inert: Won't irritate pine-sensitive skin.
  • Long Chain Chlorinated Paraffin Resin: Chemically safe product.
  • Consistency: Looks and feels like fine gritty wheat flour.
  • Durable See-through LDPE Container: Small handy vial perfect for sports, gig or dance bag.
  • Easy Open Screw Cap: Opens in a second.
  • Long Lasting Product: A little goes a long way.

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