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Pea Patch Minstrel-style Bones
Pea Patch
100% Pure Natural Old-time Rhythm Instruments
Pea Patch musical rhythm instruments bring back the traditional downhome sound of days-gone-by. Always keep a pair handy and ready to grandpappy did when he was a boy.

Pea Patch Collection

Matched Pairs
We do our best to ship you matched pairs. We cannot guarantee that a pair will match. But we do make an effort to match them. No other shop does that. What's more, if you order a full set of four bones (two pairs), then we try to match both pairs. Again, there's no guarantee (because this is a teeny-tiny specialty market so our inventory, although the largest on the planet, is not large enough). Still, if you want the best chance to get a matched pair or set, then Bone Dry Music is your absolute best shot.

Why So Many Choices?
Even if you can find a shop that sells musical bones, there's no telling what you will see when you open the box. That's what sets Bone Dry Music apart from the rest. We do our best to avoid surprises when you open the box. That's why we offer you so many you have more control over what you get.

Our Goal:
Here's what we want you to say when you open the box, "Yep, that's pretty much what I was expecting."

Can't Decide Which Bones to Choose?
Check out this handy guide: Bone FAQs

Traditional design, exotic wood...plain price

Pea Patch™ Minstrel Style Bones are patterned after vintage Danforth Bones made by the late master woodcrafter, Ray Schairer (1922 - 2011). Pea Patch™ Minstrel Style Bones are perfect for thrifty living-history minstrel band performers, Civil War reenactors or any bones connoisseur on a budget.

Coming Soon: Improved Pea Patch Flat Bones Design.

Welcome to the only store on the planet where you can get minstrel style bones in rare budget priced exotic woods and 3 standard widths.

Narrow Pea Patch Minstrel-style bones are just 1" (2.5 cm) in width. The slim width makes them relatively light in weight and easy to grip. These bones are perfect for smaller hands or players who prefer narrow instruments.

Regular Pea Patch Minstrel-style bones are a moderate 1-1/8" (2.9 cm) in width. The traditional design is perfect for most hand sizes and the shape delivers a superior dynamic tonal range.

Wide Pea Patch Minstrel-style bones are a broad 1-1/4" (3.2 cm) in width. The brawny shape provides substantial heft and creates a powerful presence. They feel quite stout and burly.