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Nautical Style Bones, Heavy (moderate twist)
Nautical Style Bones, Heavy (moderate twist)
Matched pairs of fine-quality musical bones handcrafted in the British Isles.

Heavy weight bones
Good for players with any size hands.

Moderate Twist
Pairs with moderate twist are somewhat more plentiful and in high demand. The modest warp makes each instrument sound truly individual and unique - and quite fun to work with.

Pictured item is representative sample. Your item might differ slightly.
  • Handcrafted in England from genuine ox shins.
  • No two are alike. Your item may differ slightly from photos.
Get the Shape that Suits you Best
No other shop gives you as much control over what you get than Bone Dry Music. Unlike stores where it's anyone's guess what you will find when you open the box, Bone Dry offers you 4 weight groups. Plus you can choose from 3 levels of twist. But most important for many players, you always get carefully matched pairs. And if that's not enough for you, now you can even request the precise weight you want.

Request the Weight you Want
Just select your Weight Preference below. No guarantees we will have them in stock. But at the very least you will get the weight nearest to what you want.

Why Choose these Bones?
If you want carefully matched pairs of professional quality handcrafted natural bones that look and feel like solid ivory; fit medium to large size hands; show moderate torque (twist) which makes each instrument sound truly individual and unique, then these bones are for you.

Only $29.99 pair

Quantity in Stock:5

Product Code: 121-5-MOD

Weight Preference

No preference
50 grams
51 grams
52 grams
53 grams
54 grams
55 grams
56 grams
57 grams
58 grams
59 grams

Description Technical Specs The Inside Story...
Heavy Nautical Style Musical Bones—with moderate twist

Handcrafted in the British Isles at a rustic family-owned workshop where heritage and traditional skills have been the hallmark for more than two-hundred-and-fifty years.

Poor Man's "Whale Bones"
The bones are silky smooth to the touch and built to last. They look and feel like ivory, but are actually made from ox shins. The rugged instruments are literally bone solid and quite similar in shape and texture to antique musical bones in my private collection that were fashioned from the jaw bone of a whale.

Nautical Style Bones demo video shows how to vary the tone and accent the beat. Musical segment features Child Grove from On the Road Again.

Matched Pairs
Yes, I like to mix and match different kinds of individual bones. But like other players, I also appreciate—and long for—matched pairs. Experienced players will tell you how difficult it is to find matched pairs of natural bones.

What are Matched Pairs?
Matched pairs are bones that are virtually identical. For two-handed players, matched sets of four bones are nirvana.

Don't Pay Premium Prices for Randomly Matched Pairs
If you search long and hard enough, you might find similar bones at other online music shops. Last time we checked though, even at premium prices, no other shop sells properly matched pairs. What's more, no other shop demonstrates their ability and wherewithal to properly grade bones, yet alone match pairs to our stringent standards. They just grab any ol' bones out of the bin, then mail the ill-matched buggers off to you. So it's anyone's guess what's inside when you open the box. The only place you can order carefully matched pairs of Nautical Style Bones is here at Bone Dry Music.

Matched by Weight, Twist, Shape, and Warp
We understand how important it is for some players to find closely matched pairs of bones. So we are delighted to offer pairs matched to within 5 grams (.18 ounce). But we don't stop there. That's because some bones are relatively straight. Others are curvy. Some warp to the left. Some to the right. So besides matching pairs by weight and twist, we also match them by shape and warp. Most of our pairs match within 2 grams. But we feel matched shape is more important than a few grams difference in weight. For that reason pairs are only guaranteed to match within 5 grams.

Four Weight Groups
Compared with other natural 'bone bones,' Nautical Style Musical Rhythm Bones are already remarkably consistent in composition, size, shape and weight. And at first glance you might even think they were molded from durable plastic. Even so, we carefully cull each newly arrived shipment and examine every bone closely with a highly discriminating eye—and a gram scale.

Look close and you will see where the weight of each bone is lightly marked in pencil. (Don't worry, it rubs right off.) Between you and me, I'll admit that I like to mix & match bones of all kinds. (In fact, I've been known to play a pumpkin stem.) But if you prefer pairs of equal weight—and if you prefer them carefully matched for size and shape—then you have come to the right place.

Not Sure which Weight to Get? Then Order Medium
The difference between weight categories is significant to some players. For others, maybe not so much. The difference in weight from one gram to the next is imperceptible. In other words, you can't tell the difference between a bone that weighs 45 grams and another that weighs 44. But you will find a distinct difference from one category to the next. So it is nice to know you can choose from four different weight groups. That definitely gives you more control over what you get.

Feeling persnickety? Now you can request the precise weight you want—to the gram. (Okay, so we might not have them all in stock. But at the very least you will get the weight nearest to what you want).

    1. Light (30 to 39 grams, 1.06 to 1.38 ounces)
    2. Medium (40 to 49 grams, 1.41 to 1.73 ounces)
    3. Heavy (50 to 59 grams, 1.76 to 2.08 ounces)
    4. Extra-heavy (60 to 69 grams, 2.12 to 2.43 ounces)
Torque (aka twist, warp)
Some individual bones are relatively straight. Others are kind of twisty, like an airplane propeller. That is the nature of musical bones made from cow shins. The pictures below illustrate the difference.

Photos Show Difference (Less Twist bone below the other for comparison):

Less Torque Less Twist

Pairs with less twist are preferred by most players because they are easier to grip and play. These instruments show little or no warp and are rather rare.

Moderate Torque Moderate Twist
Pairs with moderate twist are somewhat more plentiful and in high demand. The modest warp makes each instrument sound truly individual and unique - and quite fun to work with.

More Torque More Twist
Pairs with a substantial warp might require a bit more dexterity. The closely matched pairs you get here seem to work fine for all players—especially if you use the two-finger grip

Most players prefer a straight shape rather than a slight twist. As a rule, I prefer less twist too. On the other hand, I really liked the feel of several matched pairs that showed significant twist.

Bottom Line:
No other shop offers you carefully matched pairs of Nautical Style Bones.

So whether you want just one carefully matched pair (2 individual bones), or if you are a two-handed player looking to acquire a full set of 2 carefully matched pairs (4 individual bones), then it just doesn't get any better than this.
Limited Quantity. Order Now...while you can.
Observant shoppers know our carefully matched selections of Nautical Bones run out of stock all too often. Available weights and shapes might vary, so there are no guarantees. If your heart is set on a particularly hard-to-find pair or two, then order now before they're gone.

Questions or comments? Just give me a holler.


Scott "bones" Miller
Member: Rhythm Bones Society
2004 World Bones Champion

  • Solid ox bone looks and feels like ivory: Produces sharp clear resonant tone.
  • Proper size, shape, and balance: Makes it easier to strike the 'sweet spot' and adjust your grip for outstanding resonance, timbre, and volume.
  • Rounded edges and ends: Resists chipping, improves your playing technique.
  • Double convex faces (like natural rib bones): The world's oldest musical instrument has not changed much over the millennia.
  • Handcrafted one-at-a-time in a rustic family-owned workshop: Your purchase helps keep the ancient craft alive.
  • Natural bone-white finish: Ages gracefully over the years into a warm golden patina.
  • Professionally buffed and polished finish: Feels silky smooth and provides a comfortable grip.
  • Rail curvature follows natural symmetry of ox shin: The modest warp makes each instrument sound truly individual and unique - and quite fun to work with.
  • Heirloom quality musical instrument: Destined to remain a family treasure for generations. They will pretty much last forever if you don't drop them on the sidewalk.

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