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Kenny Bones
Distinctly Dynamic Flat Wooden Bones
Handcrafted by the world's best bone player.

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Kenny Wolin Handcrafted Flat Wooden Bones Deliver a Remarkable Dynamic Tonal Range

I love my Kenny Wolin Rosewood Bones. Four pairs are in my favorites bag. What makes them so great? They are easy to grip, comfortable, well balanced - and deliver a remarkably dynamic range of tones. Handcrafted by Kenny Wolin (a professional percussionist who serves with "The President's Own" Marine Band), the ingeniously simple design extracts a rich musical timbre from rosewood that is quite powerful, yet not too sharp.

Flat Design is Great for Small or Large Hands
Kenny Wolin Flat Bones What is a flat design? Like most musical bones, the sides are curved when you look at them in profile. The arch aligns perfectly with my standard 28 degree template. But unlike minstrel style bones or natural rib bones which are oval when you look at the ends, Kenny's bones are flat in cross-section, like Shooting Star Bones.

Exquisitely Simple Design
The design is elegant and ingenuously simple. The shape is not much more than a refined curved plank. But examine them close and you will find superior quality in every detail. For example: The squarish side edges are rounded along the top face and finely beveled along the bottom. This makes for a comfortable and secure grip. And the rounded top edges help deliver a broad tonal range - at least if you play both the edges and faces, as I am fond of doing. What's more, both ends of the face are finished with a slight broad bevel that gives you increased face-to-face contact when you choke the bones way up high, as I usually do in my less-dominant hand. But no matter how you look at these bones, they are elegantly simple in design and deliver a great sound. Which is what it is all about. And if that's not enough, each pair is branded with Kenny's wood-burned "KB" (Kenny Bones) signature logo.

Kenny Wolin at Bones Fest X (2006) in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Handcrafted by the World's Best Bone Player
Everyone likes Kenny. He is a friendly, personable and non-assuming guy. Kenny is also a very serious bone player. Notable advanced players consider him the world's best bone player.

kenny wolin inif Who is Kenny Wolin?
Kenny Wolin serves as percussionist and resident bones and anglo concertina player with the "Presidents Own" United States Marine Band. He is also "The President's Own" musical adviser and co-leader of the White House Irish Ensemble. He teaches advanced workshops at the Rhythm Bones Society's annual Bones Fest, and has performed on bones at The Kennedy Center under guest conductor John Williams. Besides his professional percussionist day-job, Kenny also sings, plays guitar, bodhran, and is a superb spoon player.