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Bodhran, Bones & Spoons, tutorial DVD
Bodhran, Bones & Spoons tutorial DVD
Learn to play bodhran, bones and spoons from legendary Irish musician, Tommy Hayes.

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Rattle the Bones & Spoons...play the Bodhran!

Classic how-to video makes it easy to play all 3 traditional rhythm instruments (Bodhran, Bones and Spoons) in the authentic Irish style.
  • Perfect for every player: Beginning to advanced instruction.
  • Comprehensive tutorial...more than 90 minutes of detailed training.
  • Learn these bodhran playing styles: Kerry, Limerick, Donegal, Roscommon, West Cork - plus Tommy's own unique style!
  • Master essential bodhran techniques: Triplets, upbeats, backbeats, tone variations, rolls, slaps, flams, rimshots and more.
  • Explore regional bodhran stick styles...hand-playing styles too.
  • Learn how to play Reels, Hornpipes, Jigs, Slip Jigs & Slides, and Polkas like a pro!
  • Discover Tommy's favorite 3-bone rattling technique.
  • Get the scoop on Tommy's amazing spoon-playing method.
Why Choose this Video?
If you want to learn how to play the bodhran "Tommy Hayes Style" from the master himself; if you want to learn how to play bones in the authentic one-handed Irish style from a legendary Irish percussionist; if you want to play spoons like you've never thought possible; and if you want 30+ years worth of Tommy's in-depth tips and personal techniques...all on one single DVD that's an exceptional value - and yours now at a budget price, then this video is for you.

No Surprises
We strive to give you all the info and no-nonsense facts you need so there are no surprises when you open the box. Don't see all the information you need? Something unclear? Please let us know.

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Only $24.95 DVD

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Description Technical Specs
Bodhran, Bones & Spoons Instructional Video
Learn to play Bodhran, Bones, and Spoons in the Irish style

Video dvd by Tommy Hayes

Sample video clip...

Who is Tommy Hayes?

Called the "Best Bodhran Player" by countless musicians and fans, Tommy Hayes is a legendary traditional Irish music percussionist who has recorded more than 400 albums.

Irish Percussionist
Tommy Hayes was named All Ireland Bodhran Champion in 1975 and 1976. He has been a member of several world-class bands including "Stockton's Wing," "Altan," "Laim O Flynn and the Pipers Call Band," and the "Eileen Ivers Band". He was the original percussionist for "Riverdance" and performed with shows in Dublin, London, Washington DC and Belfast. He has released two solo albums, "An Ras," and "A Room in the North" - no small feat for a percussionist. And in fact, Tommy is the first Irish percussionist to achieve such an accomplishment. Tommy has played on numerous film scores including "Titanic," "The Devils Own," "Rob Roy," "In the Name of the Father," and "The Field".

Tommy has written musical scores for the films "Windhorse" and "As Na Railli"; the television program "Bridghid"; two plays for the Abbey Theatre, "The Playboy of the Western World" and "Macbeth"; and the Royal Shakespeare Company production of "Shadows".

He is a virtuoso musician who enjoys teaching and has held workshops and master classes in many parts of the globe. Tommy holds a master's degree in Music Therapy from the University of Limerick. He serves as a director of the Irish Seed Savers Association, an organization dedicated to the preservation of native Irish fruit and vegetables.

In short, Tommy Hayes is quite well qualified to teach you these three traditional Irish rhythm instruments.

Back in 2003 I asked Tommy via email where I could get tippers like he uses in the video.
"I am afraid the only way you will get a stick like mine," replied Tommy, "is to get somebody with a lathe to make one for you. They are 5 inches long and weigh about 8 grammes."
So on top of everything else, Tommy is sincerely helpful...a quality you don't always find in world-class musicians. And as you will see in the video, he is clearly one heck of a nice guy.

Why so Many Traditional Rhythm Musicians Love this Video
Tommy takes you under his wing and teaches you how to play three traditional rhythm instruments (Bodhran, Bones and Spoons), each in the authentic Irish style.

He is known for his unique sticking style that amazes audiences and players around the globe. So if you want to learn how to play the bodhran "Tommy Hayes Style," then you have come to the right place. The video covers numerous playing techniques and musical styles, which are listed below. In addition to the extensive bodhran instruction, Tommy also shares his favorite 3-bone rattling technique. Plus he carefully guides you through his absolutely marvelous and amazingly practical spoons playing method.

Perfect for All Players...beginning to advanced

This DVD is perfect for you no matter what level you are. Each technique begins with the basics, then demonstrates advanced techniques. You get a comprehensive tutorial...a full hour-and-45-minutes of top-flight extensive instruction in Tommy's refreshingly natural, unpretentious and straightforward way.

And if all this is not enough, the video features nearly fifteen minutes of information-packed demonstration tunes...recorded during a live stage performance by a select group of Ireland's top-notch traditional musicians: Steve Cooney (guitar), Charlie Lennon (fiddle), Gerry O Connor (banjo) and Cormac Breathnach (whistle).

You learn all these Bodhran Playing Styles: Kerry, Limerick, Donegal, Roscommon, and West Cork - plus Tommy's own unique style! You learn hand styles and stick styles. You learn essential bodhran techniques including triplets, upbeats, backbeats, tone variations, rolls, slaps, flams, rimshots and more. After watching this video you will play Reels, Hornpipes, Jigs, Slip Jigs & Slides and Polkas like an expert. In addition to several stick (tipper) methods, Tommy also teaches various regional hand-playing techniques. These are techniques every bodhran player should know. If you want to learn hand-techniques, then that is reason enough to get this video. You will wonder how you got along this far without them.

At just a little over seven minutes, the bones instruction is quite brief. Still, if you want to learn the authentic one-hand Irish style taught by a traditional Irish percussionist, then you need to get this DVD.

I tampered with spoons for aeons. But I finally learned to play them from this Tommy Hayes video. His spoons-playing method is unique and quite effective. Tommy teaches you several spoon playing techniques. Put them all together and you will generate enough variation to keep your spoon playing ability alive and interesting for many years to come. If you already play the spoons, then Tommy's unique and proven method will add a whole new dimension to your own spoon-playing tool kit. For me, the spoon-playing section alone is worth the price of admission.

Look what's on the DVD:
  1. Introduction [5:16]
  2. Playing Position [1:23]
  3. Basic Hand Rhythms [3:29]
  4. Upbeats & Triplets [2:31]
  5. Thumb & Little Finger [5:19]
  6. Stick Styles [:55]
  7. Limerick Style [1:44]
  8. Kerry Style [1:42]
  9. Stick Triplets [3:50]
  10. Tone Variation [5:23]
  11. Rimshots [4:58]
  12. Tommy Hayes Style [4:46]
  13. Hayes Style Rolls [2:38]
  14. Hayes Style Backbeats [1:54]
  15. Hayes Style Rimshots [2:40]
  16. Continuous Rolls [:38]
  17. More Rimshots [7:13]
  18. Hornpipes [3:24]
  19. Polkas [3:25]
  20. Left Hand Techniques [3:04]
  21. Flams [3:59]
  22. Jigs, Slip Jigs & Slides [6:03]
  23. Jig Ornamentation [5:45]
  24. Bones [7:07]
  25. Spoons [13:14]
  26. Thanks & Good Luck [2:41]
  • Media Type: Video dvd. Watch disc on dvd player or your computer.
  • Perfect for All Players: Beginning to advanced.
  • Comprehensive Tutorial: Over 90 minutes of detailed instruction.
  • Almost 15 Minutes of Demo Tunes: Makes lessons easy to understand.
  • Teaches unique Tommy Hayes bodhran stick-style: Learn directly from the master himself.
  • Demonstrates Kerry, Limerick, Donegal, Roscommon, West Cork styles: You get well-versed in major regional playing styles
  • Covers Triplets, Upbeats, Backbeats, Tone Variations, Rolls, Slaps, Flams, Rimshots: You master essential bodhran techniques.
  • Demonstrates Reels, Hornpipes, Jigs, Slip Jigs & Slides, and Polkas: You learn to play them like a pro.
  • Teaches 3-bone rattling technique: Discover what makes this Tommy's favorite style.
  • Detailed Guidance on Tommy's Amazing Spoon-playing Method: Play the spoons like you never thought possible.
  • Teaches Bodhran hand styles and stick styles: Makes you a well-rounded and versatile player.
  • Teaches 3 Rhythm Instruments...Bodhran, Spoons, and Bones: Essential instruments for serious traditional rhythm musicians.
  • Durable Plastic Case: Protects your dvd.

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