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Baby Grand #46 Washboard
Identical to Zinc King #703 except for metal composition
Alternative washboard to legendary Zinc King #703.

Genuine Vintage Baby Grand #46 made by Federal Washboard Co.
Baby Grand washboards are virtually identical to the Zinc King #703. But in addition to a zinc rub surface, some of the washboards sport a shiny or dull rub surface.

The Baby Grand washboards in our shop feature three kinds of rubbing surfaces: Zinc, Shiny Tin, and Dull Tin. All Baby Grand washboards sound pretty much the same. In our tests the shiny rub surface had the highest tone, the dull surface had the lowest tone.
Zinc (similar to Zinc King #703)
Shiny (higher tone than Zinc King #703)
Dull (similar, but lower tone than Zinc King #703)