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We are looking for an eCommerce Assistant who enjoys ecommerce marketing and loves traditional folkroots music. So if you are an old-time musician or fan, then you will want to check this out.

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eCommerce Assistant
Small but growing home-based business in Saint Louis (south city) needs eCommerce Assistant. Perfect for old-time or jug band musician, or traditional music fan with strong administrative and entrepreneurial ability. Position leads to Inventory Manager. Partnership potential for right person.

Who Should Apply for this Position?
This could be the right place if you are good with people and computers. Must be an excellent writer with verbal skills to match. And if you have the experience and ability to manage our small network of shops on Amazon, eBay, and Volusion, then you are absolutely ideal. Bookkeeping experience a plus. Degree in Design, Web Development, or Marketing preferred, but not required.

At this time we are just a small itty-bitty home-based business. We specialize in Folkroots Rhythm Instruments (plus bulb horns, thimbles, and rosin powder but that's another story). So if your adrenaline starts flowing at the sound of traditional roots music such as Old-time, Jug band, Irish, Cajun, Early Jazz & Blues, Minstrel, and Ragtime, then you will want to give us a serious look. And if you play 5-string banjo, enjoy living history events, and like working with your hands, then so much the better.

Oh - and by the way, if you have some interest in the retail and wholesale distribution of hard-to-find folkroots rhythm instruments, then that's better still, because...well, that's what we do.

Ground Floor Opportunity
This position starts you as an eCommerce Assistant, leading to Inventory Manager. Responsibilities include photographing products, posting products on our Amazon, eBay, and Volusion ecommerce channels, managing online inventory, compiling inventory projections, sending shipments to Amazon distribution facilities, and ordering stock from suppliers. Eventually you will be responsible for managing all inventory operations.

Excellent opportunity for ambitious person with enough drive, business savvy, horse sense, and problem-solving ability to manage the entire operation. So if you are a resourceful and enterprising person who always wanted to find a half-pint business that is a leader in a niche environment - a growing business you can ride along with to the next level and beyond, then this is the opportunity you've been looking for.

Partnership Potential
Definite partnership potential for right person with administrative, marketing, ecommerce, and entrepreneurial skills.


  1. Writing
    You must have excellent writing ability and be able to compose a clear, concise product description. Copywriting experience a plus.

  2. Computers
    We are Mac based. You must be proficient using Mac computers. Ability to manage and trouble-shoot the network and resolve technical issues a plus.

  3. Ecommerce
    Most of your time will be spent managing our inventory on Amazon, eBay, and Volusion. You must know basic html. Experience with multi-channel synced inventory highly desirable. Web development skills highly desirable.

  4. Photography
    The position requires you to take photos of our products. 
You must have experience photographing products, or have an eye for photography and be willing to take a product photography class at your own expense and on your own time. Experience shooting, editing, and posting videos on YouTube a plus.

  5. Excellent Math Skills
    You must excel at basic math. Experience calculating retail and wholesale prices, profit margins, overhead, shipping/handling and the like a plus.

  6. Entrepreneurial Ability
    This position offers partnership potential. You must have the entrepreneurial ability to handle every aspect of the operation, the discipline to keep the business on track, and the vision to take the company into the future.

  7. Occasional Lifting
    From time to time we send and receive truck shipments. You must be able to lift 50 pounds.


  • Compile inventory projections
  • Fulfill orders
  • Maintain SKU log
  • Manage online inventory (Amazon, eBay, Volusion)
  • Manage UPC numbers (GS1 US Data Hub)
  • Order inventory from suppliers
  • Send shipments to Amazon
  • Set retail and wholesale prices
  • Shoot and edit product photos and videos
  • Source products and suppliers
  • Write product descriptions

Software (you must be proficient with the software below or equivalent)

  • BBEdit (text editor)
  • Numbers (spreadsheet)
  • Photoshop Elements (photo editing)

Dream Job for Right Person
If you already know how to administer a multi-channel online inventory, then you will lift sales and earn a significant income right away. But if you need to learn how to manage products on Amazon, eBay, and Volusion, then we will help you learn how. We will also show you how to create UPC numbers, manage SKUs, sync the inventory, fulfill orders, order stock, and handle every aspect of the business. As your skills broaden and develop, and as you build sweat equity, you can earn a stake in the business that positions you towards ownership.

Compensation is an hourly rate commensurate with your experience - or if you prefer, compensation can be a percentage of company gross sales. Or you can start hourly, then transition to a percentage of gross sales. So the more sales the company generates, the more income you earn too. To be clear, this is not a job in sales. But yes, this position does offer an extraordinary incentive, and genuinely unlimited income potential for a creative and resourceful person with strong entrepreneurial ability. Until you learn the ropes it might take some time before you start hauling in the big bucks. But if you like the idea of compensation tied directly to the success of the company, then we should talk.

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If you are the kind of person who thrives in a bustling yet relaxed (and smoke-free) environment - a place where you must deal with one mind-boggling problem after the next. A place that will definitely challenge your administrative and problem-solving abilities. A place where your creative skills and resourcefulness can lead to a principle role with a very small but growing business...then apply for this once-in-a-lifetime position now, while you still have the chance.

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About Bone Dry Musical Instrument Company
Bone Dry Musical Instrument Company is a small but growing home-based business specializing in the retail and wholesale distribution of hard-to-find musical bones and old-time & jugband "folkroots" rhythm instruments.

"Bone Dry" offers the world's largest selection of musical rhythm bones. For the past ten years we have been the largest distributor for most of our main suppliers, produce several proprietary product brands, and have become the industry leader for rhythm bones musical instruments.

Our little shop combines proven direct marketing principles with common sense business practices. We have managed to achieve some success at providing the most satisfying musical bones shopping experience anyone can offer.

With steady growth and a successful track record behind us, you are in a uniquely advantageous position to join a small burgeoning business as it gears up for the next major expansion.