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Wholesale FAQs

How Do I Place an Order?
Login to the store. Add products to your shopping cart. Then place your order. That's all there is to it.

1. The online store is geared for retail shoppers. So please note that retail customer discounts do not apply to wholesale orders. (See "Do I Get the Same Discounts as Your Retail Customers?" below for details.)

2. The online store is not configured to allow backorder sales. So if you want more items than are in stock, just specify the item name, product code and quantity you want in "Order Comments" during checkout. (See "How Do I Place a Backorder?" below for more details.)

Your order will be adjusted for retail customer discounts and backorders when it is processed on the backend. Or just email a purchase order and I will process your order manually. You can also call me on the phone and I can place your order online with you in real time. Yes, this can be a cumbersome process. But we have to work within the limitations of my current ecommerce software.

How Do I See My Discount?

Make sure you are logged in. Your discount prices do not appear unless you login.

Child products (such as Whamdiddle English Boxwood Bones where you select from narrow or regular widths) might display no discount price. But don't worry, the correct price appears in your shopping cart. So even though the regular price is what you see, the correct discount price is what you get (knock on wood).

What Are Your Payment Terms?
Initial wholesale order $200 minimum. No minimum thereafter. All prices subject to change without notice. Check online store for current pricing.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Postal Money Order, or check. (Check or Money Order must clear bank before order ships). Your credit card is charged when order is packed and ready to ship.

Do I Get Free Shipping?
No. Free shipping does not apply to wholesale orders. Unfortunately, the free shipping gizmo cannot distinguish retail orders from your wholesale order. So the shopping cart automatically enables free shipping if your order totals over $99. So please select a different shipping method during checkout. I realize this is easy to overlook. So a text reminder for wholesale orders appears (in red) on the checkout page. I wish the software could be configured to prevent this problem, but at this time it cannot.

Do I Get the Same Discounts as Your Retail Customers?
No. Retail customer discounts DO NOT APPLY to Wholesale Orders. Since my ecommerce software cannot distinguish retail orders from wholesale orders, such discounts will be disallowed on the backend when your order is processed. Please be aware that your shopping cart will activate FREE SHIPPING on orders totaling $99 or more. So if your order totals over $99, then you need to select a delivery method other than Free Shipping during checkout. Also please be aware that retail customer discount offers such as FREE SHIPPING," "Bow-hran Sticks: 25% off 2 or more," or coupon code discounts and the like will be amended from your order on the backend.

Are the Products Guaranteed?
Yes. Wholesale orders are guaranteed against defects in quality or workmanship. You may exchange defective items or return them for a full refund.

What if I Want to Return an Item?
In-stock items may be returned for any reason within 30 days for a full refund less shipping, but only if factory sealed packaging remains unopened and item is in sellable condition. Special orders and items on backorder may only be cancelled or returned by special arrangement.

How Do I Place a Backorder?
Most items are available for immediate delivery. The store is currently configured to not accept backorders. So if you want more items than are in stock, just let me know the item name, product code and quantity you want in "Order Comments" during checkout. I will then adjust your order on the backend. As you may know, this is a cottage industry which means backorders are sometimes delayed for weeks or months. We are lucky to see any speedy backorders or consistent product quality control in this market niche - which is kind of the charm of the whole thing. In any event, feel free to call for current quantities and estimated delivery dates.

What is Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)?
MAP is the lowest price you may advertise your product online. The purpose of MAP is to prevent price wars and inflated msrp (manufacturers suggested retail price). In a nutshell, MAP means if the msrp is ten bucks, then the actual selling price is ten bucks.

Offering periodic sales and rebates is fine, but setting your msrp below reasonable profitable levels is the way to see our products die and go extinct. Some manufacturers allow unlimited discounting which often results in price wars that spiral down until it no longer pays to sell the product - which eventually disappears from the market place. We do not want that to happen to us.

You are required to observe MAP pricing to maintain your wholesale account status.

How MAP Pricing Works
You may sell your products at any price you want within your physical location (such as a retail store; outdoor music event; workshop; concert hall), over the telephone, via email, at private or hidden webpages or when running online closeouts or reasonable limited-time sales. Want to give them away for free? That's fine too. So the purpose is not to stop you from offering sales. Quite the contrary. Selling at MAP provides the margin you need to offer your customers special sales and discounts without giving away the store.

MAP applies to your online advertised prices only. To be clear, MAP has no impact on special offers you make in private to your customers in person, or to customers over the phone, or when you reward loyal customers with sales via newsletters and the like. Even running an occasional sale online for a limited time is fine too - as long as the privilege is not abused.

So except for your regular advertised online prices, you may sell your products at any prices you choose, even below MAP.

And it is okay to price a few pennies below MAP in order to advertise a "99" price. For example: A MAP of $20.00 may be advertised online as $19.99. This exception is strictly limited to $1 or less.

Below is a common sense way to see if your regular advertised online prices comply with the spirit of MAP.

Here is the Litmus Test
The customer should see no difference between the msrp (manufacturer's suggested retail price) and street price, aka list price, aka selling price, aka everyday price or whatever you want to call it. So except for an occasional online sale, customers who price shop are as likely to buy from you as they are from me - with no inflated msrp.

MAP is a simple and effective way to prevent price wars and inflated msrp. Wholesale accounts that advertise online below MAP are subject to immediate suspension. So except for special (i.e. legitimate) limited-time online sales, MAP keeps online advertised prices the same across the board. MAP prevents unfair competition for you and me both. This is crucial for your success in the Internet Age. I think you will love MAP for it.

If you have any questions or comments, give me a holler.

All the best,


Scott C. Miller,
Member: Rhythm Bones Society
2004 World Bones Champion

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